College of Raphaology Medicine

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Part of the Universal College of Indigenous Medicine, UCIM

Become a Licensed Raphaology Practitioner

Create your future in healing wielding unique and valuable skills.

The College of Raphaology Medicine is a one-of-a-kind healing model founded on indigenous healing arts. Students learn to enliven the body’s automatic healing response for preventing illness and facilitating healing at any stage of dis-ease. Whether you want to learn more about your own body and how to naturally care for yourself or loved ones, are on the path toward a healing practice, or are enhancing your current practice, College of Raphaology Medicine will make a positively astounding difference in your life. You are invited to attend and learn the Restorative Herbs and Living Foods that provide the basis for real healing. Learn to access cellular information through nerve pathways, use light to stimulate hormones, implement nature’s phytoceutical medicine, and activate each body cell’s inherent ability to repair damage, balance hormones, boost function, and regenerate health, immunity, youth, strength, and longevity. While commercialized medicine continues to treat the symptoms of dis-ease and ignore what’s causing them, you can learn to remedy the underlying problems, eliminate resulting symptoms, and restore true well being and complete health.

UNLEASH The transformative power of your own biology.

LEARN The vital nutrients every diseased body is starving for.

UTILIZE The healing combinations of nature’s life supporting elements.

ACCESS Your innate healing capacity by replenishing nutrients.

CREATE Super immunity to all disease for life!

Nature Provides All the Healing Answers 

Health Mysteries of Mind & Body Learn the ancient secrets of healing through communicating directly with the body and triggering its innate ability for repairing and regaining full vitality. Unlock the mysteries of indigestion, allergies, and obesity, to diabetes, tumor, heart and auto-immune diseases, and nervous system disorders.

7 Course Levels of Raphaology From the start, each class teaches how to naturally build up the defense system against the ever increasing attacks of dis-ease causing agents; stress, pollution, radiation, pathogens, worries, and fears.  Learn how energetic patterns of trauma, shock, guilt, fear, and obligation form dis-ease in the physical body and how to eliminate them on all levels for becoming a whole being.

Practitioner Certification & Licensing Completion of 40 hours covered in 2 parts of Course level 1, parts A and B of 20 hours each, certifies your attendance. Then completion of 12 hours of hands-on training in Practicum #1 and #2, plus interning, and Licensing qualifies you as a Raphaology Practitioner.

Ongoing Classes Classes are offered on a rotating schedule. Courses 1-7 are ongoing with each course divided in 2 parts. Each part is approximately 20 weekend hours per month, and the schedule of alternating course levels provides the potential for doctoral program completion within 2 years.

Beginning & Continuing The rotating schedule of courses (link to calendar) throughout the year allows for attendance at convenient times for your lifestyle. Begin when your schedule allows, and continue when convenient.

Course Provisions Each course provides a comprehensive curriculum binder, practitioner documents, and tools of the trade, on-line support, and delicious meals. For those on the practitioner path, herbal tester kit and package are available.

Donations As part of Universal College of Indigenous Medicine, the College of Raphaology Medicine offers a unique, truly substantial, and effective system of natural healing. Financial donations for courses 1, 2, 4 & 6 are $900, courses 3 & 5 are $1,000, and course 7 is $1,200 (thesis required). Donations of $100 are due at enrollment, with balance 1 week before attendance, or in cases of financial hardship payment plans and scholarships are available.

Early Enrollment To hold your place and receive early-bird rates, schedule ahead with a deposit of 10% for enrolling students, and for repeating or auditing students, there is nominal donation. For class schedule or enrollment… (link) or for information call…

2-8 hour Seminars, Lectures, and Workshops available upon request.