The Crew

Happy to offer our expertise, experiences, and services, the crew of Peak Frequency Health stands at the ready. Here’s who we are and what we do:

Morning: Spirit: Wolf
Jen G. Collins
Barbara Anderson
Valerie Vaughan
Bryn Wolf
Cristina Rios
Joan Randolph
Cindy Johnson
Lisa Sky Morris Newlan
Tammi Rettig
Executive Director & Founder
Creative Director
Enrollment Adviser
Production Director
Culinary Products Development, OC Office & Interns Manager
LA Office and Interns Manager
Database, Graphic and Web Support
Herbatory Manager
Systems Guru


Morning teal port sm smMorning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M. Author, lecturer, practicing herbalist and nutritionist, humanitarian, and Professor and Doctor of Raphaology® Medicine, Dr. Wolf co-founded College of Raphaology Medicine, Universal College of Indigenous Medicine (UCIM [the umbrella school of multi-modal healing arts]), and the formulas and methods for the handcrafted manufacture of Peak Frequency Plant Therapy herbal extracts with her late husband Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf-D.R.M. Together they combined over 55 years of experience and research spanning global indigenous cultures in an effort to revitalize lost practices that benefit earth and mankind. The academic curriculum they developed granted them United Nations Doctorate Degrees from the University of Ancient Knowledge. Their Humanitarian Health and Education Projects, as indigenous individuals, earned them Honorary Doctorate Degrees from the Washitaw Wisdom College. 

 Her book series on Raphaology® Medicine with the first title Nature’s Recipe for Peak Healing: The Antidote to Commercialized Medicine is scheduled for national release through major bookstores and in Jan 2014. As an activist on earth and human healing, quality food and agricultural practices, and purposeful living Dr. Morning: Spirit: Wolf heads the Natural Arts Healing Centers, is owner and publisher at Peak Health Press, and hosts the annual Bio-Abundant Farming conferences. She was the personality on Raphaology® Radio, will teach health and healing to anyone who will sit still for 5 minutes, and is editor-in-chief of webazine, a publication which seeks to highlight the wonders of today’s world and educate about alternative health and healing resources, good works projects, and community building.

Life sketch: A student of the multi-dimensional, Morning is a Fringe junkie, meditation enthusiast, taco popcorn lover, and family, nature and animal devotee, who reads voraciously, conveniently forgets the calendar year, and tends to over-ride electrical technology with her magnetic personality.



jennifergoughJen G. Collins is a skilled people, places, and things networker who received her BS degree from Arizona State University, and then made her professional mark in business finance, brokering real estate, and commercial property and construction management. Jen exhibited athletic prowess as a tennis instructor, and considerable artistic and technological talents as photographer and videographer. She balanced her successful professional career with the study of healing arts, becoming a student of Touch for Health, Jin Shin Jyutsu Therapy, and Master Yoga Foundation subsequently completing over 1,200 hours of study as a yoga and meditation teacher, and yoga therapist culminating in certification with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-500. Finding her real aptitude and true purpose in healing, Jen’s attraction to Peak Frequency Herbs and Foods was a natural fit and today is a skilled Raphaology® Practitioner, Raphaology® Practitioner Trainer. Honing her business, artistic, and community acumen with Peak Frequency dedication, Jen’s gifted healing aptitudes, together with her people networking skills makes her the face everybody loves to see and the woman with the most friends.

Life sketch: Jen, who has become the accidental media tech, also has a green thumb, freckles she doesn’t like, an easily intrigued curiosity, the biggest heart this side of Texas, a dog named Buddy, a serious love/no-love relationship with cell phones, and the most engaging and infectious laugh.



Barbara Anderson, who with boundless creative energy, is the designer of Peak Frequency and Raphaology graphics, logos, templates, layouts, and all things aesthetically attractive. Her extensive education in multi-modal visual arts, including illustration, painting, and graphics, and her background in healing arts including Astrology, Yoga, and Meditation, combined with her training and natural eye for imagery, color, balance, and perspective Barbara brings immense value to the company on every level of operations.

Knowing the unknowable and seeing the unvisable are pursuits that attract Barbara and take her on paths of excitement and creativity – to places that silently beckon and she pursues. Investigating, researching, and finding the inner workings of people and elements are what inspire both her art and her craft and lend the je-ne-c’est-quoi attraction to her finished work.

Life sketch: A late-in-life mother of two, Barbara’s inviting warmth, humor, insights, and compassion have seen her through all manner of life’s ups and downs with a smile at her trials, serving to enhance her artistry, enrich her life, and all those with whom she comes in contact.



brynwolfBryn: Zandrie: Wolf, having been home schooled and raised in and around Peak herbs, foods, and lifestyle forever, is a cultured and natural healer with a generous heart. Putting her love of medicinal herbs to work as the “woman in charge” of the contingency at Peak Frequency Plant Therapy & Company, Bryn proudly steers the helm from start to finish of every quality resource, ingredient, process, woman-power, and artistically crafted product created for Peak Frequency Plant Therapy and Raphaology® Medicine. With an imaginative background in events planning, interior design, photography, and painting, Bryn also enjoys dance, nature, and theater. With a Masters Degree in Raphaology Medicine in hand, Bryn now pursues a Bachelors Degree in Alternative Medicine and a degree in Nutritional Consulting to round out a full spectrum education as the natural expansion of her current expertise. Bryn is dedicated to the practices of integrity, honorability, and the strong principled pursuit of “Peakness”.

Life sketch: As the proud “mother” of the blond, French bulldog named Orlando Enrique Vargas Bonito Conjito Lobo, who gets spoiled by his home made Peak Pet Food, Bryn is a confirmed animal lover, costume eccentric and hip-hop dance enthusiast.



cristinariosCristina Rios: Shortly after obtaining her BA in Marketing in 1985 while in Mexico, Cristina joined the marketing team at Lancôme, where she traveled, trained, and helped transform Lancôme into the benchmark it is today. She later married her boss, who now appreciates her for more than just her marketing and managerial skills – he also adores her cooking. Relocating from Mexico to Southern California shortly thereafter, Cristina taught herself English, embraced the local cuisine, and maintained her love for organic ingredients and savory spices. Her encounter with Raphaology, to overcome chronic anemia, provided a deeper understanding of the benefits of Peak Frequency Foods and Herbs, which she now combines with her love of people and cooking, coordinating patron and intern schedules, and developing food products for the most demanding palate and nutritional needs.

Life sketch:  Having cultivated her love for cooking since childhood, Cristina’s bubbly personality and her love of interaction of people with eating for healing, makes her food and recipes sought after by students, patrons and crew members alike.


Joan_145Joan Randolph, D.R.M. having grown up in rural New Jersey, nature has always been Joan’s haven of refuge. Leaving there to complete nursing school, Joan’s life path lead to Canada, and eventually back to the US where she now lives in California by a bubbling brook in the foot hills of Angeles National Forest. For 50 years Joan worked as a Registered Nurse, inundated with western medicine’s toxic pharmaceuticals and invasive surgical procedures. There she received first-hand knowledge of the difference between dis-ease care and health care–she left nursing in pursuit of healing using nature’s medicine. Joan was referred to Raphaology by a friend, and using its natural elements she recovered her failing health, and found her true life calling as a Raphaology Practitioner. Joan also runs the Los Angeles satellite office, coordinates other Practitioners and Interns, and mentors up-and-coming Practitioners.

Life Sketch: Joan’s interests extend to all thing natural; animals (especially cats), learning the healing properties of stones and flowers, growing and dehydrating herbs, and investigating indigenous healing arts. She has a ready smile, dry wit, and loves hugs.


Val_145Valerie Vaughan, a successful corporate IT trainer and manager for over 10 years, Valerie Vaughan is now pursuing her doctoral degree in Raphaology Medicine. She was introduced to the Raphaology lifestyle as a result of seeking natural healing to resolve macular degeneration, chronic fatigue, interstitial cystitis, and fibromyalgia. Regaining her vision and energy levels was enough to inspire her to share the message of hope and healing to everyone seeking self healing that she knew.  Advancing as a Raphaology Practitioner and corporate Nutritional counselor, Valerie’s vivacious personality lead to her  recruitment as a Crew Member of Peak Frequency Health where she participates as is the enrollment adviser for our educational courses, and a motivational public speaker.

Life sketch:  As a reformed party girl, Val’s former wild oats are her new grounded approaches to food, the earth, and people. A lover of music, nutrition, dancing and family, her healthy perspectives have brought about changes in career, lifestyle and relationships that bring her warm hearted voice and smile into the lives of many who adore her.


CindyJohnsonCindy Johnson leads a dual life as a FileMaker database developer by day and a Reflexologist/Raphaology Practitioner by night in Phoenix, Arizona. She has also put her extensive training in Jin Shin Jyutsu, Aroma Therapy, and Sole Reflections to work on herself and others as she has sought the cure rather than symptom treatment for healing. Cindy’s love of theater lead her to study film and theatrical production on the side, where she became involved in plays, musicals, concerts, recording, and editing. Putting her passion for involvement in public events to use, she participates as an exhibitor with Reflexology and Sole Reflection (toe reading) sessions, along with Raphaology demonstrations of I.D. Therapy, and Peak Frequency herbs and foods to amazed crowds. Not stopping there, Cindy was a singer in a couple of different bands, a sign language performer, a lighting designer/operator for an organization that toured North America and England, and spent one summer in Japan teaching conversational English to school kids.

Life sketch:  A striking, blond haired, blue eyed Amazon, Cindy has faced the health challenges of Valley Fever, Pityriasis and other health conditions and learned that healing is not always easy, but the benefits are worth it. Her “never say die” motto, ready smile, and easy manner inspire many, and impress all.


Lisa_145Lisa Sky Morris Newlan: Sky is a transplant from the Great White North. She was raised on the prairies of Edmonton, Alberta Canada, and although the northern lights were spectacular the winters were too long, motivating her to migrate south. Now a true Californian convert she has embraced yoga, becoming RYT-500 instructor and yoga therapist, using her own healing experience to support other’s ability to heal and transform them self. As a single mom, Sky has applied her interests and skills to a broad spectrum of life-growth and self-improvement modalities and became a Raphaology Practitioner where she performs as naturally as she does with yoga. A budding alchemist, Sky also interns with Dr. Wolf’s research in the Herbatory. Her great people skills make Sky a natural for assisting with front room stocking, order fulfillment, shipping, and customer relations

Life Sketch: With her innate knowing that the sky is the limit, Sky imparts the boundless joy she has of nutrition, herbs, and clear intention. Her goal is to live fear-free and find ways to support the same for others.


tammirettigTammi Rettig: Tammi has devoted many years to the study of healing, and she’s been gifted with a deep soul connection to the diverse energies that link humans and animals. After leaving a 26-year career in the corporate world as a computer programmer, Tammi was able to concentrate on the path that best aligned with her life’s purpose – healing. Corporate world experience easily mingled with her skills in natural healing elements allowing her to bridge the gap that some people find difficult when they begin to practice alternative healing modalities. Her continued interests and studies have lead to becoming a Reiki Master, Raphaology Practitioner and a Svaroopa Yoga instructor. She integrates her intuitive aspects with other healing modalities into sessions with patrons that enhance the experience, including Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, and CranioSacral Therapy. Combining her strong connection with animals, soul path work, and insights, Tammi is able to apply her learned knowledge to pet therapy, assisting them to relax, release, and achieve better health.