Founders of the Peak Frequency movement of Raphaology Medicine are Professors and Doctors of Raphaology Medicine, Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf and Morning: Spirit: Wolf, who together have made health possible for thousands of people seeking the self-healing path using natural medicines and the empowerment of knowledge. Their inspirational examples, thought provoking course curriculums, practical hands-on approach, and down-to-earth methods are unparalleled in uncovering and reconnecting the power and potential for healing in each of us.

Morning’s Story

Born at the height of Americana’s baby boomer generation, Morning was the sickly kid in a family of six children. She drove her mother crazy with acute food allergies, high temperature fevers, chronically infected tonsils and sinuses, and like so many others received a tonsillectomy at the age of six. Since losing some of her body parts was a choice taken out of her hands, she later figured out how to grow her tonsils back.

As she grew older and the undiscovered kidney failure took its course, Morning developed systemic warts, cystitis, debilitating migraine headaches, traveling paralysis, and arthritis causing her to become bed ridden. From bed she attended junior high and high school by telephone using a system called tele-teaching where other “sick” kids learned and could stay connected through telecommunication.

Over the course of her illness she made visits to all manner of doctors from general M.D.’s, and internists to pathologists and neurologists, chiropractors, and some pretty funky alternative healers. Each year, it seemed, brought new pains, more disabilities and medical tests. As she progressed toward adulthood with no improvement in sight, the pivotal incident occurred upon waking up one day to see most of her hair lying on the pillow.

By early adulthood the medical doctors continued to treat her many symptoms of progressing kidney failure, toxemia, arthritis, acute histamine reactions, etc. with more and more toxic drugs. To add insult to injury, because obesity runs in Morning’s family, compounded by her nutritional ignorance, she was perpetually on high protein low nutrient fad diets all of which nearly killed her, but she just took more drugs to hide the symptoms.

Perpetually sick and tired, and still with major health challenges, she became disfigured with kidney failure, water weight gain, rheumatism, and skin discoloration. By this time she was nearing chronic kidney failure, facing dialysis, had developed a tumor in her liver, built up blood clots in many of her major organs, and accumulated a laundry list of complications that brought her to the brink of dying. Medically speaking she was told that her only options left were lifetime dialysis, since transplant was not an option, anti-tumor medication, a never-ending schedule of MD appointments and prescriptions, which would briefly extend her life but offered no quality, and increased degeneration. 

Bereft of hope and left with anxiety and questions left unanswered by modern medicine Morning reasoned that since all the educated professionals didn’t have a healing solution, she would go on her own. She went shopping for an alternative healer.

In her pursuit of healing, Morning searched and experimented, trying every out-of-the-box grey bark, fuzzy growth, root and berry concoction with little success, until she found Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf. After just a few weeks of applying the herbs and foods based in enzymes, light, and pure healing properties she began to see remarkable effects for the better. She knew she found her answer. Jonathan’s method was providing serous, real medicine. With profound appreciation she realized that with Jonathan’s help she could save her own life. 

The happy ending to Morning’s dis-ease cycle is that with herbs, foods, and Jonathan, she was cured of kidney failure, arthritis, liver cancer, chronic sinusitis, severe food allergies, and every other complication. She was alive again.

With her new found energy and health Morning pursued her keen interest in healing arts by adding the following to the skills Jonathan had taught her:

  • Private “special forces” training programs in; field medicine and dressing, dentistry, mid-wifery and field birth, field and clinical triage, search and rescue, and medical emergency responses. 
  • Private Medical Corp; herbal preparation, preservation and formulation, infection, laceration and suturing, burns, amputation, bone setting, electro-magnetic field energy, night and special vision skills.
  • Presided over women’s organization and taught canning, drying, and preserving foods, sprouting, gardening, infant and child care, emergency preparedness, and disease prevention.
  • Worked in edu-tainmnet using the special effects of sight, music, sounds, textures, colors, and remote movements to release intense human emotion in multi-media formats.
  • Studied and practiced Reflexology; modern and ancient cultural.
  • Studied and practiced nutrition; indigenous American and north European.
  • Worked in areas of natural energy and water therapy.
  • Trained and practiced S.H.E.N. (Specific Human Energy Nexus).
  • Discovered genetic roots as a part of the Washitaw Nation, south American Incan, Haitian, and the Illinois Nation. 
  • Studied indigenous plants with Red Men of the Americas, completed spiritual healing experiences and medicinal plant training.


Jonathan’s Story

Proud to be a pure Scandinavian Viking, Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf was born with a mission. His early knowing and innate healing abilities were demonstrated before the tender age of 16 when Jonathan was institutionalized in Sweden for study during germ warfare development for the Viet Nam war, where instead of succumbing to toxic agents he cured his and other’s illnesses.   

The assault of harsh chemicals introduced by hundreds of vaccines during this study was devastating on Jonathan’s body. While under extreme conditions and suffering long periods of intense pain, inflammation, and burning he would direct the poisons to leave through his body’s various channels using botanicals and meditation. He formulated many methods of healing under harsh, brutal, and invasive conditions.

One of the up-sides to his institutional experience is that it allowed young Jonathan access to a vast library of international medical books, documents, herbal compendiums and monographs, articles, journals, and reference materials. Teaching himself foreign languages, and using sheer will, intelligence, and determination to survive, Jonathan became prolific in learning natural ways to counteract all the harsh chemicals that were administered to his body. 

He learned that every healing plant has its respective characteristics, with at least one healing element available from every phyto-ceutical. He learned that plant structure and human structure were so compatible that each medicinal herb produced not only physical healing but also increased awareness, expanded intelligence, boosted self-empowerment, improved talents and abilities, and could heal on every level in which human beings exist. 

He complimented his new-found plant knowledge with studying the properties of sunlight; the spectrum of colorful rays containing every vitamin, mineral, and nutrient. Jonathan studied which plants absorbed what colors of light to determine the plants contents, and not just the minerals, vitamins, proteins and so on, but the enzyme content that was raised when vast amounts of sunlight collected in the plant’s fruits, leaves, roots and flowers. Jonathan began to connect light and color with the various aspects of nutrients, enzymes, and healing properties of each plant. 

Understanding that sickness was the body’s way of getting rid of toxins, and that stopping a detoxification process caused bacteria to move into another organ or to migrate into tissue and encourage viral stages, Jonathan’s remarkable research lead to fantastic conclusions. With the appropriate introduction of specific spectrums of light the body would replace degenerative materials with repairing and regenerative elements. This induced healing as detoxification demonstrated the body’s ability to remove stored toxins, to replace them with vital nutrients, and to regain function. Rather than stop or inhibit the detoxiication process, Jonathan encouraged, supported, and eased it so that energy and health could be restored. 

Soon his healing work was well known throughout Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany. In Germany he took courses in acupuncture and networked with some of their finest facilities in natural meridian healing. While there Jonathan was engaged to perform a research project in some of the clinics and hospitals where new advances were made in herbology, clinical nutrition, and hydro-therapy. He trained personnel in many techniques to release trauma, rehabilitate muscles and bones, and to correct hormone and organ function. 

His reputation as a natural healer spread far and wide. Many people came from distant places to receive his services. As the years advanced some of his credentials expanded to include:

  • Developed curriculum in natural medicine schools for medical professionals, while simultaneously working at schools for blind children. 
  • Developed and taught curriculum of vegetarian food plans for specific dis-eases, such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. 
  • Participated in a team research project in Italy that systematized natural healing responses in intensive care hospitals specializing in terrorist emergency treatments. 
  • Provided council to one of Sweden’s top skin care companies where he helped develop a cutting edge product line of medicinal creams, salves, moisturizers and ointments. 
  • Taught courses to Naturopathic Physicians in herbology, nutrition, Reflexology, acupuncture, and other modalities of natural healing. 
  • Developed the use of specific herbs, foods, and activities that neutralized depression and suicidal tendencies, anxiety, colds, influenza, and pneumonia. 
  • Invited by Mother Theresa to work with her in India determining organic healing of malnutrition and leprosy in dying children. 
  • Participated in a project in Boston, Massachusetts to study the living enzymes in sprouting seeds, nuts, and grains. 
  • Asked to practice and teach healing arts in Utah, Idaho, and California in recognition of his successes. 
  • Research project in southern Mexico in tropical and sub-tropical fruits and their different spectrum frequencies of light.
  • Research projects of the Lakota Sioux and the Navajo nations on their indigenous medicines. 
  • Discoveries of Jews and their roots in indigenous societies led to a study of Israel’s true history and an invitation to become a lecturer at the University of Judaism in L.A., California specifically on the relation of colors and human light centers to organ and glandular health as it relates to the Kabala. 

Eventually Jonathan’s practices lead him to the United States and California where he and Morning met.

During the process Jonathan and Morning fell in love, married, and the rest, as they say, is history. Together they laughed, loved, learned, and traveled to many lands and visited with indigenous peoples for furthering their healing arts. They had the honor of visiting, studying and teaching in various tribal and indigenous nations with Medicine Men and Women, Shamans, Wise Men and Women, Sage Men and Women, Elders and Chief Council, and other healers and teachers of the world.

Combining their experiential knowing, the Doctors Wolf developed a line of super-healing herbal formulas they call Peak Frequency Plant Therapy, which they and those they have trained use in the course of assisting others in self healing mild to critical dis-ease, and in supporting health across every spectrum.

They subsequently developed and published curriculum for seven courses of Raphaology Medicine from basic herbal, nutritional, digestive, light, and energy therapies for practitioners through advanced critical care for doctorate levels, using natural and indigenous plants, foods, and elements. Their courses of training, including both indigenous and international protocols, are taught through the College of Raphaology Medicine and the Universal College of Indigenous Medicine.

In recognition of their developments, research, and curriculum in Raphaology, Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf and Morning: Spirit: Wolf received honorary United Nations doctorate degrees from the University of Ancient Knowledge as Doctors of Raphaology Medicine. As indigenous Washitaw Nation members, Jonathan and Morning also received doctorate degrees from the Washitaw Wisdom College. 

Jonathan and Morning formed the College of Raphaology Medicine under the auspices of their Universal College of Indigenous Medicine (UCIM). They founded UCIM as an educational umbrella for all tribes, nations, and peoples to come together and revitalize and teach the lost arts and of ancient and little known healing, agricultural, and advanced societal practices in an effort to restore balance and harmony to the earth and all her inhabitants. Their work is protected under the1992 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.