Letter from the Founder

Kindest Greetings Dear Readers,

Knowing that the universe takes care of itself, and that we are each a part of the universe, are we reciprocating in support of the universe, and receiving universal support? Being the humanity of universality have we become a collective society that looks for bad news everywhere and puts emphasis on what is wrong, who is wrong, and how it’s wrong, but do little or nothing to change for the better? There are reporters and critics all around heralding how many people are angry, suffering, violated, diseased, and helpless. The inundation of all this negativity can’t help but affect our health and influence how we think, perceive, and feel about our world and ourselves.

The inspiration for this website came as the result of wanting to be a voice for good in the world; a loud voice. May these pages provide positive and inspiring news, information, empowerment, and goodness to your life. Hearing, seeing, feeling, and sharing positive, uplifting, joyous, and empowering dynamics lifts the spirit, promotes healing, and inspires harmonious creativity, and it is intended that the information herein is positively inspirational. Being surrounded by goodness helps us to act on our own truth and be true to our individual nature.

Being true to our nature, not a slave to our senses, frees us from the confines of belief, implied rules, and imposed restrictions. True to our nature is what allows us to live the harmonic laws of universal nature that exists as intuition; our inner knowing. The never ending, ever enduring laws of nature are simple, few, and life supporting, as opposed to the complicated, punishment-driven, fear based societal beliefs and limitations of man’s impositions. Universal Law consists of free will, and the foundation of agreement. This means everything is possible when we are in agreement. The caveat is one rule that applies to each of us “No one can take anything away from anyone else”.

In a society of profit driven rules we are taught to be a slave to our senses, giving over our real power to sensory elements and let them take command of our lives: satisfy your taste buds, believe what you see, do what you’re told, feed your cravings, perform as expected. Let’s become a humanity in which we encourage and support each other; grow healing foods, share unseen truths, follow the heart, question authority, allow life to be what is without judgment. The laws of nature recognize that there are no mistakes, there is only experience. Universal law ensures that everyone profits from happiness, creativity, expression, wisdom, and shares equally in abundance.

Corrupt societies teach us to look at death as the ultimate fear instead of life as the ultimate experience. Man’s imposed “You may not kill” as opposed to nature’s “You cannot kill” subverts universal law. Man’s law says you may not kill, but excuses war, the death penalty, genocide, pharmaceuticals, and the like. Nature knows that life is everlasting and each phase of its unfoldment is a part of the ever expanding growth of the universe in totality.

Through the contents of this website, may we each see the whole picture and our individual part of the whole, seeking to work for the benefit of each one as part of the collective one in higher, and more positive, supportive and creative path. May the voices within these pages join with the chorus of others to sing and vibrate the very center of life with a passionate outpouring for manifesting our ecstatic future.

With heartfelt support in Peace, Light, and Abundance,
— Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.