Peak Frequency & Company

We are a contingent of multi-modal healers, teachers, practitioners, body and energy workers, and Peak Frequency life-stylers who enjoy being alive, and derive our joy from sharing who we are, what we know, and what we do. At our core are the mutual interests and intentions for whole and passionate expression, the limitless freedom for doing so, and all the various ways and means by which we access and manifest it.

We collectively build upon the axiom for humanity’s health, liberty, and happiness hinging on these seven fundamental elements:

  1. Health
  2. Love
  3. Acceptance
  4. Intellect
  5. Truth
  6. Freedom
  7. Creation

It is our goal to acknowledge, sustain, and make available the highest quality of these vitally important life tenants so that each of us may experience joyfulness. And to offer the most Peak Frequency resources for accomplishing this objective, making it accessible for anyone, is our passion.

We use herbs and foods holding the highest content of enzymes, energy, and light as the building blocks to re-awaken our individual purposes, abilities, and plans. Over the years it has been amazing to observe the dynamic power for favorably changing people’s lives contained within these simple nutritive components. Unequalled in strength, integrity, and purpose, plants as medicine and food are unerring in their drive, straight forward in their function, successfully executing their plan, and thus our consumption of their properties reconnects us with our innate power. That’s true healing!

With classes in Raphaology, cooking, lifestyle, farming, heirloom seed saving, bee keeping, community building, relationships, movement, indigenous projects, self-reliance, and social connectedness we are proud of what we do, how our successes have made a beneficial difference, and who we are. All are welcome.