Peak Eating

Delicious ways to use nutritious ingredients, that’s eating! We need to eat because our bodies cannot produce each of the nutrients our organs need to perform every function. We like to eat because food tastes good. This is where delicious and nutritious come together—real nutrients are what give food great taste. LovingpapayaFrom essential fatty acids to essential amino acids, only foods provide the essentials we need to stay alive. When we eat foods with the highest nutrition and contain the maximum enzymes we are literally eating to have radiant health and joyful vitality. Therefore eating well becomes the art of truly living.

When we know what to eat, why to eat it, and how to prepare it eating can be among the most satisfying of life’s experiences. A satisfied body with energetic organ and system functions provides deep and lasting fulfillment on a cellular level.

Foods loaded with nutrients provide endless sources of bio-available fuel for lasting energy, while enzymes are what make the nutrients useable. Nutrients are both the action and construct that we are made of, derived from sun and soil. Enzymes are another word for light, or information, making foods highest in enzymes the providers of the highest quality cellular intelligence. The better food we eat, the higher our intelligence, and the better function each of our cells have to perform at their highest levels. And because we are made up of individual cells, the fate of each cell becomes our ultimate destiny. (more…)

What Makes Foods Peak?

Peak food is not determined by calories, fats, proteins, sodium, and sugar. Instead, Peak Frequency Foods are the substances containing abilities and providing properties that assist us in completing our purpose in life.

Peak Food Abilities

  • Able to absorb light through leaves, flowers, fruits, and stems, not just roots.
  • Able to resist and withstand genetic modification.
  • Able to deliver light in the form of enzymes and nutrients.
  • Able to absorb soil nutrients without taking up chemicals.
  • Able to boost organs, systems and glands and maintain health at high levels.

Properties of Peak Frequency Food 

  • Carries high amounts of vibrational activity that provide life force to each body cell.
  • Carries single or multiple light frequencies for hormone boosting and balancing.
  • Promotes ability to recognize deceit and release fears.
  • Promotes endurance and decision making creativity, allowing us to “see” how to act on choices.
  • Maintains quality of the differing functions of the body, restoring peak performance. READ MORE