The 7 day—and beyond—food plan

In starting a healing plan 2 vitally important elements offer the true medicines from nature:

HERBS—plant medicines that repair damage, and

FOODS—plant nutrients that boost and maintain function.

Peak Frequency Plant Therapy (herbal products) delivers the specific Raphaology herbs that possess the properties for repairing any damage to every gland and organ, and Peak Frequency Foods deliver the enzymes and nutrients that fuel, boost and maintain individual organs and system functions on a daily basis. This combination is unsurpassed in creating an internal climate for eliminating pathogens, their symptoms, general stress and acidity, and creating conditions that support immune factors, increase energy, clear foggy thinking, and balance hormones.

Enzymes are the active food ingredient that cause the body to digest and use their Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates, which are the complex foundation that support our lives; enzymes are the life force, vitamins, and minerals are the tools, and proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are the materials we are made from. Foods that are enzyme poor or deficient, cause stress, overwork and harm to digestive organs, and deplete hormones and valuable minerals.  Sustaining the foundation of enzyme rich foods, coupled with high nutrients in balanced proportions and we achieve and maintain vitality, health, and passion.

All the foods in this food plan contain treasures of enzymes and essential fatty acids that boost and maintain function of organs and glands, i.e. fully functional glands produce hormones that are the fuel for proper organ functions. These, in turn, support body systems, such as circulation, digestion, nerve, immune and lymph systems. It is intended that specific herbs be used in conjunction with this program to repair damage and restore organ and glandular function while supplementing with vitamins and minerals to replenish lost stores of vital nutrients that guard us from stress, organ failure, and immune disorders.

Can anyone heal? Yes, anyone experiencing one or many of the signs of deficiency in the following chart, which indicate gland and organ dysfunction or system disorder, can add Peak Herbs and Peak Frequency Foods to the daily health habit to repair, boost and revitalize every system function. Initially, focus on foods rich in essential fatty acids by taking daily amounts of  ½ avocado and 1-2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil in addition to the suggested foods, and eating all the fruits from the Peak Foods list that begin with the letter “P”.

Every aspect of the human body is designed for healing, it’s blueprinted into our very DNA. And every medicinal measure has been factored into the correct herbs and foods that respond to every healing need. By simply following the outlined suggestions, using signs of deficiency as the guide, then allowing Peak foods and herbs do their job, any health crisis, no matter the stage or the individuals age, can be eliminated and vitality restored.

Disorder Sign of Deficiency  Foods Herbs (Choose 1-3)
High Cholesterol
Cracked, split, or white coated tongue, fatty deposits or lumps under skin, cracks on sides of mouth, high cholesterol, arteries hardening, shallow complexion, bumpy, dry or dark skin patches, cracked and dry heels, psoriasis or eczema, hair loss, graying hair, whites of eyes and/or skin have orange-brown appearance, low immune system, worrier and life fears Crook neck squash (yellow), red potatoes, raspberries, Swiss chard, kale, lemons, broccoli, goat milk or cheese, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, unsalted butter, Real Salt™, sprouted alfalfa, wild caught salmon, barley, brown rice Hawthorn leaf, Barley Essence, Alfalfa, Wheat -Magnesium, Peppermint, B-Complex, Grass-C
Low or high blood sugar levels, sudden energy drops, lips swollen and/or cracked, tingling sensations (especially in extremities), swollen and/or red tongue, peeling lips, easily stressed or out of balance, insomnia, forgetfulness, nausea, lazy or greedy Red kidney beans, red potato, kiwi, plum, thyme, brown rice, papaya, peach, kiwi, pineapple, flax oil, raw honey, goat milk or cheese, Real Salt™ Balance, Pancreas, Ginger, Gotu Kola, Thyme, B-Complex, ABF, Wheat-Magnesium, Red Raspberry
Heart & Lungs General weakness to extreme fatigue, tires easily, swelling in ankles, legs and feet, heart arrhythmia (murmur, palpitations, thudding etc.), radiating pain in left arm/shoulder, critical or judgmental, easily startled, prone to self deprivation Mandarin orange, fig, cilantro, red potato, salmon, brewer’s yeast, dark grapes, cantaloupe, Real Salt™. Yerba Santa, SFF, Motivation, Mammary, Heart Harmony, Breathe Easier, American Ginseng, Cranberry, Nettles-Iron & Calcium, Lavender oil applied over heart
Stomach Burning sensation in chest/stomach after eating, constipation, diarrhea, poor appetite, can’t swallow food and/or food gets stuck, brick-like feeling in stomach area, gas and/or bloating, burping and/or flatulence, dull to sharp pains in abdomen, upper chest, or sides Red potato, plums, kiwi, barley, broccoli, apricot, papaya,  goat milk or yogurt, shitake mushrooms, lecithin, asparagus, brewer’s yeast, Real Salt™, food grade hydrogen peroxide. Centaury, Gotu Kola, Grass-C, B-Complex, SFF, ABF, Ginger, Peppermint, Wheat-Magnesium, thyme & chamomile tea, Lavender oil topically over stomach
Colon & Intestines Irregular or prolonged bowel movements, constipation or diarrhea, bloating, hardened, dark stool, gas or fermentation, low back pain, headaches, fatigue, blood in stool, allergies, Red potatoes, plum, kiwi, goat milk, kefir, or yogurt (pro-biotic microbes), Real Salt™, raspberries, alfalfa sprouts, brewer’s yeast, lecithin, papaya, B-Complex, Wheat-Magnesium, Gotu-Kola, Centaury, Ginger, Thyme, Inositol, Choline, PABA, and Wheat-Magnesium help for constipation
Head & Brain Mild to acute head pain or pressure, irritable, dizziness, can’t focus or comprehend, easily confused, can’t fall asleep, wakes often during sleep, head feels heavy, judgmental, suspicious. Apricots, barley, raspberries, dark grapes, red onion, bananas, papaya, Roma tomato, leeks, Mind, Pituitary, B-Complex, Chamomile, Focus, Pineal, Marigold, Mustard, Memory Reviving, chamomile tea
Joints & Back swelling and/or stiffness in muscles or joints, mild to acute joint/back pain, inflexibility, cracking, grinding, or enlargement of joints, tenderness in muscles, tendons or ligaments Brewer’s yeast, all berries (except blueberries), figs, red potato, kale, brown rice, tomato, royal jelly, almond, Real Salt™ Joint Support, B-Complex, Horsetail, Juniper Berry, Grass-C, Horseradish, Chamo, White Willow, Nettles-Iron & Calcium, Wheat-Magnesium
Stress or Nerves inability to concentrate, constant tension and pressure (especially in neck and shoulders), high blood pressure, random/recurring twitches on skin surface, easily irritated, stomach and/or solar plexus pain, sleeping difficulty, involuntary urination on cough or sneeze, easily panics or fears, depression, hopelessness, unforgiving Brewer’s yeast, brown rice, raw honey, raw sunflower seeds, apricots, mushroom, broccoli, figs, duck eggs, goat milk or cheese, avocado, plum B-Complex, Rice-E, Horseradish, Passion Flower, Thyme, Nettles-Iron & Calcium, SFF, AFF Kava-Kava, B-Complex aids all stress and nerve disorders, including ADHD, Autism, and psoriasis
Kidneys & Adrenals Tenderness in skin, slow wound healing, dry mucous membranes, high or low blood pressure, skin rashes, lesions, or dryness, whites of eyes have yellowish appearance, spider veins, burning on soles of feet, spontaneous bruising, swelling in extremities, gets ill easily, thinning hair, careless, doesn’t like touching or being touched Papaya, Roma tomato, pineapple, berries, red potato, Swiss chard, broccoli, brewer’s yeast, water, Real Salt™, Coors Light beer Sarsaparilla, Relations, Kidneys/Adrenals, Hawthorn Berry, Nettles-Iron & Calcium, Yam-A + D, Kava-Kava, Passion Flower, B-Complex
Thyroid Bloated face, bulging eyes, low immune system, too slow or fast metabolism, eyelashes falling out, mild to severe constipation, can’t make decisions, panic during driving, swelling at base of throat or around side of neck, throat constriction, holds back expression Cayenne pepper, rosemary, guava, broccoli, passion fruit, cilantro, lemon, ginger, horseradish, red beets, fig, water Self-Identity, Thyroid, Myrrh, Red Beet, Horseradish, Kelp-Iodine, Colloidal Copper, B-Complex, Rosemary essential oil over thyroid gland.
Immune & Lymph Chronic susceptibility to colds, flues, sore throats, poor circulation, swollen or tender lymph areas, excess sweating, fatigue Bananas (after 5 hours in the sun), cranberry, mustard, papaya, apricot, leeks, brewer’s yeast, red potato, goat milk or yogurt, mustard, horseradish, Real Salt™ Sarsaparilla, Pineal, Yam-A + D, B-Complex, Grass-C, Circulation Improving, Echinacea, Golden Rod, Red Raspberry, Witch Hazel, ABF, AVF, TNF, Mustard, Nettles-Iron & Calcium
Sinus & Tonsils Allergies, hay fever, sore throats, watery or dry eyes,  pressure behind the eyes or temples, trouble focusing vision, chronic throat clearing, snoring, post nasal drip, Red onion, leeks,  raw honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, brewer’s yeast, sinus wash with Real Salt™ Lemon Balm, Blue Flag, Marjoram, Yam-A + D, B-Complex, Grass-C, Marigold, Pineal, Thyme, Wheat-Magnesium
Bones, Gums, & Teeth Fragile or achy bones, bleeding or swollen gums or gum loss, darkened or discolored teeth, cracked teeth, excess cavities Barley, red onion, alfalfa sprouts, wheat sprouts, leeks, goat milk, cheese or yogurt, almonds, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, gargle with Real Salt™ Marshmallow, ABF, Thyme, Horsetail, Myrrh, Lemon Balm, Nettles-Iron & Calcium, Super Minerals, B-Complex, Red Clover, Alfalfa, Schizandra, Tissue and Bone Transforming, Tooth Regenerating
Skin Acne, rashes, cysts, itchy, dry, dark or red  patches, excess moles, psoriasis, eczema, spontaneous bruising, tender to the touch, gout, spider or varicose veins, Pineapple, dark grapes, figs, papaya, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, extra virgin olive oil, goat milk or cheese, Bathing in Real Salt™ White Willow, Grass-C, B-Complex, Yam-A + D, Sarsaparilla, ABF, AVF, Passion Flower, Echinacea, Marigold, Witch Hazel, Chamomile tea
PMS Irregular bleeding or ovulation cycles, uterine cramps, tender or swollen breasts, moody, irritable, headache, abdominal bloating, weight gain, skin break outs, diarrhea, and fatigue or anemia Pear, mango, sprouted wheat, dark chocolate, aged red wine, apricot, cayenne, organic corn & strawberries, Real Salt™ Peace, Hutalhex, Noni, Chaste Berry, Suma, Pituitary, Pineal, Angelica, Anise, Yellow Pansy, Super Minerals, Nettles-Iron & Calcium, Alfalfa, Horsetail
Blood Pressure (due to kidney dysfunction or stress) Heavy headed, band around head, eyes swollen, pressure around base of neck, nose bleeds, strong or irregular pulsing at base of neck, pressure or pain in/around heart, tender or swollen ankles, feet Papaya, cilantro, Real Salt™, Sarsaparilla, Nettles-Iron & Calcium, Hawthorn berry, Kava-Kava, SFF, Passion Flower, Circulation Improving
Cholesterol Elevated Body feels heavy, difficulty bending at waist, indigestion, low back pain, pain on right side, hardened belly, cracked or split heels Extra virgin olive oil, avocado, wild salmon Hawthorn leaf, B-Complex, Barley Essence, Alfalfa


Below are samples of daily food plans that will suggest how to put the Peak Frequency Foods into action for success in overcoming disorders that may have resulted from years of consuming foods and products that have caused toxicity and organ/system dysfunction. Each day’s meals need to include ½ fresh avocado and 1-2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil to remove stored fats and toxins, and as much raw and organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains (wheat, brown rice, barley) and brewer’s yeast or nutritional yeast as possible to receive food quality vitamins and minerals.

Please remember that the human stomach is as big as your two hands put together in cupping position, resulting in approximately 1½- 2 cups volume. To exceed this proportion will stretch and stress the stomach which causes poor breakdown of food particles, reduced digestive ability and stomach pain and acidity. Also remember to relax, eat slowly and chew well.



Breakfast 1: Whole grain wheat or barley bread topped with extra virgin olive oil, horseradish, thyme, ½ sliced avocado, goat cheese, thin sliced Roma tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts, and a cup of thyme tea.

Breakfast 2: Fresh papaya or mango, accompanied by soft goat cheese spread on whole wheat or barley toast or bagel, covered with a slice of smoked wild Alaskan salmon and sprinkled with capers, and a cup of thyme tea possibly sweetened with raw honey or blended with fresh lemon juice.

Breakfast 3: Fruit Smoothie made with goat milk, fresh fruits such as; banana, strawberry, mango, papaya, kiwi, pineapple, pure vanilla, and options of nutritional yeast, brewers yeast, or flax seeds and/or raw honey.

Breakfast 4: Cooked barley grain cereal served warm with goat milk and possibly topped with raw honey, Sucanat, fresh berries, or Real Salt.

Breakfast 5: Goat Milk Yogurt, plain, blended with fresh fruit such as apricot, raspberry, or mango, and/or raw honey, and/or fresh lemon juice, accompanied by a slice of whole grain bread and a cup of thyme tea.

Breakfast 6: French toast, whole grain bread dipped in duck egg batter, fried in Safflower oil and served with grade B maple syrup accompanied by fresh pineapple, berry or pear, and 1 cup Papua New Guinea Coffee: Optional Sucanat or raw honey sweetener, and goat milk or heavy cream.

Breakfast 7: Duck Egg scrambled omelet full of fresh or dried chives, red onion, crimini mushrooms, shredded goat or sheep milk cheese.



Lunch 1: Buffalo/Bison Burger or salmon patty on a sprouted wheat bun with goat milk Gouda cheese, red onions, extra virgin olive oil, and mustard, prepared horseradish (Gold’s) sliced Roma tomato, and butter lettuce or alfalfa sprouts. Served with oven fries made from red potato wedges rolled in safflower oil, rosemary leaves, oregano, and sprinkled with Real Salt.

Lunch 2: Spring Mix and/or spinach leaf salad including sliced or grated beets, cucumber, crook neck squash, Roma tomato, sunflower sprouts, avocado, and/or broccoli and cauliflower, topped with Fat Burner salad dressing, accompanied by fresh fruit, or baked red potato, or brown rice.

Lunch 3: Chilled/cooked whole wheat Rotini or Penne whole wheat pasta tossed with chunks of grilled wild salmon or jumbo shrimp, Roma tomatoes, red onion, broccoli, avocado, leeks, cilantro, olives, and tossed with honey mustard dressing.

Lunch 4: Taco soup or vegetable soup accompanied by avocado, tomato, cilantro and red onion salad topped with Real Salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and thyme.

Lunch 5: Potato salad made of red potatoes, sour cream or homemade mayonnaise, lemon juice, mustard, and chopped; hard boiled duck eggs, fresh cucumber or “Bubbies” organic pickles, olives, red onion, spiced with Real Salt, dill, thyme, and crushed elephant garlic, accompanied by fresh pineapple and raspberries.

Lunch 6: Rice or wheat crackers topped with a blend of soft goat cheese infused with crushed elephant garlic and fresh basil, touched with a bit of lemon juice and sprinkles of Real Salt, cayenne pepper, and thyme to taste, and accompanied by salad of sliced and layered avocado, Roma tomato, red onion ring salad smothered with Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Real Salt, dill, marjoram, and thyme.

Lunch 7: Crook neck squash casserole consisting of layers of sliced Roma tomatoes, red onion, crook neck squash and sliced or grated goat or sheep cheese in three layers, baked at 350 for 45 minutes, and served warm or chilled with elephant garlic toast and fresh fruit.

Lunch 8: Pizza made from Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Tortilla as crust (pre-oven toasted), topped with home-made pizza sauce from pureed Roma’s, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, marjoram, crushed elephant garlic, basil, thyme, and real salt, then add grated goat gouda and sheep pecorino Romano cheeses and top with black olives, artichoke hearts, sautéed red onion, and crimini mushrooms if you like. Place under broiler for 6-10 minutes.



Dinner 1: Grilled vegetables such as eggplant, asparagus, green beans, artichoke, broccoli, or crook neck squash, marinated in safflower oil and Real Salt accompanied by lightly sautéed jumbo shrimp in unsalted butter, lemon juice and Real Salt, and a side of brown and wild rice cooked with nutritional yeast, Real Salt, red onion, and reishi or crimini mushrooms, or mashed red potatoes mixed with soft goat cheese, butter, and real salt.

Dinner 2: Broiled or pan fried wild Salmon topped in Honey Mustard dressing, accompanied by lightly steamed Swiss Chard Leaves or Kale smothered with fresh squeezed lemon juice and Real Salt, and a baked red potato topped with unsalted butter, fresh or dried chives and Real Salt, or southern organic corn meal Polenta cooked with goat milk. Try a side dish of dark grapes, sliced pear, and strawberries to accompany these rich tastes.

Dinner 3: Nachos made with baked, unsalted corn tortilla chips, topped with grated goat milk Cheddar or Gouda cheese and sheep milk pecorino Romano cheese, and sliced black olives, red kidney beans, chopped Roma tomatoes, and baked at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, served warm and topped with fresh guacamole and fresh salsa.

Dinner 4: Bison Vegetable soup/stew served with butter lettuce and green spring mix salad topped with sprouts and fresh raspberry dressing.

Dinner 5: Vegetable Cheese or Mexican Quiche served with fresh fruit salad or fresh greens salad including, if you like, avocado, cucumber, Roma tomato, shredded red beet and sprouts, and finished with Peak French dressing.

Dinner 6: Broiled Orange Roughy fish topped with fresh sauce of liquid aminos, lemon juice, ground ginger, toasted sesame oil, Real Salt, and raw honey, accompanied by marinated eggplant cubes and crimini mushrooms skewered and lightly grilled then served on a bed of steamed brown rice infused with coconut milk, sesame seeds, mango chunks, pineapple chunks, grated tangerine or lemon rind, Real Salt, and a dash of cumin and paprika.

Dinner 7: Bison and/or Kidney bean chili in Roma tomato sauce served over wedge cut red potato oven fries topped with grated goat cheese and accompanied with jicama sticks, and tangerine or mandarin orange wedges.

Dinner 8: Fried brown rice consisting of scrambled duck egg, chopped leeks, reishi mushroom, asparagus tips, Braggs’ Liquid Aminos, Real Salt, and ground or fresh ginger, served with butterfly cut jumbo shrimp dipped in goat milk or coconut milk and dusted with a blend of barley and/or corn flour, and broiled or fried in Safflower oil, accompanied with fresh pineapple and cantaloupe wedges topped with shredded coconut.

Eat for joy and for your health!

— Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M. – Professor and Doctor of Raphaology Medicine,
Natural Arts Healing Centers & Universal College of Indigenous Medicine