It’s All About The Enzymes


This pear and apple are celebrating their 1 year birthday!

The Pear has enough enzymes to digest itself, thus relaxing your digestive system. The low enzyme apple stresses digestion, causes acidity, allergies, and accelerates swelling and pain.

When it comes to digestion, it’s not about the calories, fats, sodium or carbs—it’s all about the enzymes. No matter how many nutrients food contains if it doesn’t have enough enzymes—the element that puts all nutrients into action–then foods putrefy, rot, and can’t get eliminated from our bodies, causing acidity, allergens, and bloating. Enzymes are the basis for the action of digestion, the more enzymes foods have, the more easily digested they are and the more nutrition you get from the food.

Stored, undigested foods grow bacteria, which can damage organs, and they produce toxic off-gasses that are put into circulation, becoming lodged in weakened areas of the body. Cumulative toxins begin to produce symptoms, telling you there are critical levels of acids, bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasites in some area of your body. Don’t just treat or mask the symptoms and leave toxins to produce further damage. Use Peak Frequency herbs and foods to remedy the cause, eliminate the symptoms, and to access your innate healing powers for true vitality and immunity.

Don’t be mesmerized by marketing, catchy jingles or clinical findings. An apple a day keeps the doctor in pay, the pharmaceutical companies rolling in financial profit from your dis-ease symptom treatment, and your body stuck with allergies, achy joints, bacteria, bloating, and backpain. Learn and use the foods rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and the proper fats and proteins that fuel your body with maximum health and youth.

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