What is Peak Frequency™ Food

Each cell in our body needs nutrition and oxygen. whatispffood1What nutrients our bodies don’t make for themselves, or are destroyed by acids, pathogens, or toxins, we must supply with real food. Peak Frequency Food is pure nutrition, real food providing all the missing nutrients, including light (enzymes), that our bodies lack. High enzyme foods possess the capability to super boost every known and unknown function, providing what it takes to really be alive today.

When it comes to digestion—it’s all about the enzymes. No matter how many nutrients food contains it’s enzymes that start food’s digestion, and insure that unused portions don’t stay in the body and putrefy, rot, and toxify causing acidity, allergies, acne, and dis-ease. The more enzymes foods have, the more easily digested they are and the more nutrition, health, and energy they provide. (more…)

whatispffood2Peak Frequency Foods have the ability to absorb light directly from the sun. Because our bodies use light as the resource material from which to make hormones, foods rich in sunlight cause hormones to be produced in balance and harmony. Peak Foods also deliver light in the form of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, that boost function at the highest levels. In the mineral depleted soils that foods are farmed in, only Peak Frequency foods are capable of taking their nutrients from sunshine, and passing them to us as the highest quality of fuel and energy. (more…)

Because the majority of foods today, even organic foods, are grown in mineral depleted soil, eating Peak Frequency foods is more important than ever. Sunlight derived vitamins and minerals are only available from Peak Frequency foods—those foods with the ability to convert spectrums of sunlight into vital nutrients missing from foods limited to depleted soil minerals and nutrients. We all know about plant’s abilities to convert sunlight into chlorophyll through a process called photosynthesis, but many of us aren’t aware of certain plants capability to convert spectrums of light into other substances necessary for each function of every cell in our bodies.