What Makes Food Peak Frequency™

Peak food is not determined by calories, fats, proteins, sodium, and sugar. Instead, Peak Frequency™Foods are the substances that contain abilities and provide properties for assisting us in fueling function, strengthening immunity, giving us intelligence, and finding and completing our purpose in life.

The difference between food that keeps us alive and healthy and food that depletes us, produces dis-ease, and hosts pathogens is determined by the individual properties of each plant. In order for food to be proper fuel it must contain everything it needs to deliver the full spectrum of bio-charged energy and nutrition our bodies require. This means food must have more than clinical nutrients, it must also have energetic components and the resources from which to make hormones, immunological factors, digestive enzymes, and the myriad other bio-chemical conditions our bodies need to optimize our potential and our health.

Peak Food Abilities

  • Able to absorb light through leaves, flowers, fruits, and stems, not just roots
  • Able to resist and withstand genetic modification
  • Able to deliver light in the form of enzymes and nutrients
  • Able to absorb soil nutrients without taking up chemicals
  • Able to boost organs, systems and glands and maintain health at high levels

Properties of Peak Frequency Food 

  • Carries high amounts of vibrational activity that provide life force to each body cell
  • Carries single or multiple light frequencies for hormone boosting and balancing
  • Promotes ability to recognize deceit and release fears
  • Promotes endurance and decision making creativity, allowing us to “see” how to act on choices
  • Maintains quality of the differing functions of the body, restoring peak performance

To truly be alive today, we must use discerning knowledge in selecting foods that provide more than taste satisfaction. Selecting foods with an eye single to reduced sugar, fats, calories, and sodium, and high in protein and anti-oxidants is severely limiting to the bio-combustion, fuel, energy units, and nutrition that our bodies require for peak performance. We need Peak Frequency foods that contain all the missing ingredients that contribute to our ability to have hormone balance, digestive function, nerve stimulation, circulation enhancement, cellular regeneration, DNA protection, elimination regularity, electrolyte balancing, memory retrieval, and quality of longevity. Eat Peak Frequency foods. (more…) 

— Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.