7 Conditions that Create Peak Health

How to Provide the Peak FrequencyTM Conditions
Each human body contains approximately 77 trillion cells and 4 1/2 gallons of water. Our bodies began life as a single cell floating in fluid. That cell responded to its surrounding environment and began accessing its genetic blueprint (DNA), multiplying and separating into all the features, organs, and structures that form our bodies and give us function.

Cells are bodies of information; each one contains a universe of intelligence (enough to replicate you in your entirety); each one is prepared to respond to any given situation, criteria and environment; and each cell’s response to the conditions you provide is what makes you sick or healthy. Are your cells responding to constant bombardment of acids, toxins, stimulants, nutrient and oxygen deprivation, dehydration, excess waste, emotional upset, and hormonal imbalance that promote illness? Or do you provide your cells with a stable flow of pH balanced, electrolyte rich fluids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, oxygen, immune factors, waste elimination capability, positive emotions, and hormonal balance with which to keep you well?

YOU determine your health with every thought, food, emotion, choice, and behavior that causes cellular reactions within your body, and are accountable for the internal conditions that promote healthy cell function. Because our bodies are made up of 80% fluids and 20% cells, the quality and availability of nutrients, oxygen, electrolytes and pH in those fluids determine the health of each cell and thus the whole body. No matter what the current stage of health or dis-ease, each of us is capable of re-generating, re-building and restoring to peak potential, and keeping it that way. And, because the body is innately capable of growth and health, it’s up to each of us to provide the correct factors from diet, thinking and lifestyle to make them available to cell’s environment.

Here’s what is needed to provide the ultimate conditions in your body to prevent and heal dis-ease:

  • Fluids, pH Balance, and Electrolytes
  • Oxygen
  • Light and Hormones
  • Nutrients
  • Waste Elimination
  • Positive Emotional States
  • Renewability


Fluids, pH Balance, and Electrolytes

Each and every cell in our bodies floats in cellular water composed of liquid crystals. For every cell type there is a particular structure to the fluid around it that determines how the cell responds. The ripple effect of pH and electrolyte balanced cellular fluid extends to every part of your body – from signaling immune response to marshalling forces for defense, or providing the perfect medium to deliver nutiritonal and life force factors to each cell, or carrying away cellular waste.

The fluid’s pH, aerobic permeation, viability, and salinity determine how each cell responds, performs, and thrives. Consciously replacing the body’s 4 ½ gallons of fluids every 9 days insures its renewal of life. This means drinking 64 ounces, or eight -8 ounce glasses of pure water daily is a must for adequate health, and 16 ounces more for peak health. Those 2 extra glasses are for electrolyte replacement.

Breathing, perspiration, circualtion, and elimination all require Real Salt® electrolytes to replenish the daily loss used up in those functions. Symptoms of electrolyte deficiency are headache, dizzyness, skin disorders, allergies, chronic fatigue, too much or too little stomach acid, high blood pressure, water retention in extremities, short term memory loss, emphysema, fibromyalgia, and kidney infections. Drink 1 cup water with 1/4 teaspoon Real Salt dissolved in it morning and night for the correct ratio of electroytical minerals and pH balance we need for daily cellular fluid health.

Nourishment to cells is increased with Cell Power®, which saturates cellular fluids with nascent oxygen, hydrogen, nano-nutrients, and electrolytes exactly where it is needed most—at the cellular level. Cell Power delivers the ability to split water molecules more readily into nascent oxygen and hydrogen producing more available oxygen, energy, and nutrition.



Just as we breathe, our cells breathe too. Clean air to our lungs means they can escort pathogens, pollutants, and parasites out of the body more readily. Clean oxygen to cells means they can more easily remove lactic acid from muscles, mucous from sinuses, histamines from lymph, and uric acid from joints. Cells that are surrounded with acids, toxins, pollution, and oxygen deficiency are the equivalent of you trying to function with a tourniquet around your neck while breathing noxious gas.

Cells need oxygen to both absorb nutrition and expel their waste. Breathing in high yield oxygen increases all cellular function from the skin cells, to the lung cells, to the organs, muscles and bones. The higher quality of oxygen the cells receive the better they perform their function. Red blood cells carry oxygen to cells, making their respiration rate commensurate with your body’s breathing. Increase this rate using focused breathing in an oxygen filled environment, such as an area raich in tress and vegetation that produce higher quality oxygen. Improve oxygen delivery by using Nettles-Iron & Calcium from Peak Frequency® Plant Therapy (www.ineedherbs.com)

Benefits of oxygen to cells:

• Slows the aging and oxidation of cells, increasing longevity and vitality
• Sustains circulation to the head relieving headaches
• Gives energy, diminishing tiredness and fatigue
• Boosts the immune system, increading pathogen resistance
• Supports release of allergens and causes of asthma
• Diminishes depression and anxiety
• Increases physical performance by up to 25%


Light, Emotions and Hormones

Just as a car needs a battery, humans need the sun as their energy source. Each cell requires an exchange of light, or energy, as its power source and these are translated into feelings or emotions, as well as energetic instructions for cellular function. Somatids, which are tiny “light bodies” found in abundance in healthy organisms, carry enormous amounts of light into every cell. While plants use photosynthesis; the process of converting sunlight into chlorophyll, cellular fluids within the human body act like raindrops separating sunlight into the 7 visible spectrum colors which spark the production of Somatids. Then, using fatty acids, each spectrum of light is converted into hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other life source factors. Hormones establish energy and emotions, and fuel each system in our bodies through the 7 main hormone producing glands:

Pituitary Gland – Nervous system
Pineal gland – Immune system
Thyroid Gland – Metabolic system
Mammary Glands – Respiratory and Electrical systems
Kidney/Adrenal Glands- Fluids system
Pancreas Gland– Digestive system
Testes/Ovary Glands – Reproductive system

Check out the Color, Organ, Herb Chart to see the specific herbs and foods required to repair and boost each gland, organ, and system.

Bio-chemical gland cells convert light into hormones, which become resources for every one of the many functions of each cell group.

Hormones are fuel for the cells of every organ

Organs comprise and support each body system

The systems are governed by hormone producing glands

Emotions are regulated by light and its conversion into hormones

We need 15 minutes of sunshine daily for adequate health, and 30 minutes daily for peak health. This means a minimum of 15-30 minutes in direct or indirect sunlight, with extra virgin olive oil on our skin (to neutralize light distortion through atmospheric contaminants) in order to recieve life source fuel, nurtition, and mental and emotional health.



Cellular nutritional needs consists of enzymes, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats, and minerals. What our bodies don’t make for themselves, or are destroyed by acids or toxins, we must supplement with Peak Frequency food and repair with Peak Frequency herbs. But because the majority of our food is grown in mineral depleted soil, we need to supplement even a healthy diet, and be sure to repair existing damage with herbal medicine so that nutrients can be absorbed. If just supplementing with multi-vitamins was all that was needed, we would have wiped out disease long ago.

The foods on the Peak Frequency Foods list are not reliant on soil minerals, they are capable of converting nutrient from the sun, and contain loads of enzymes. Peak, high enzyme food is pure nutrition containing all the missing nutrients our bodies lack, and possess the capability to super boost every known and unknown function, providing what it takes to really be alive today.

Enzymes are a must for nutrient absorption and delivery. High enzyme foods are loaded with a surplus of energy that is instantly released into the digestive tract. This allows every nutrient contained within the peak frequency herb or food to be readily utilized by every cell without any stress to digestive organs, giving peak energy and health. With this in mind, eat foods from the Peak Frequency Foods list and experience the positive difference real food makes in energy, intelligence, performance, immunity, pH balance, stamina, and creativity.


Waste Elimination

Just like piles of garbage attract and host flies, your body’s cumulative garbage attracts and hosts pathogens. Because hermful pathogens grow in acidic, rancid, and toxic conditions within our bodies, we acquire antibody immunity when toxins and cellular waste are carried away and neutralized by blood, lymph, colon, and other immune factors. We are accountable for the build-up and storage of cell debris, dead food, and putred excrement, which become host environment for pathogens, by the foods, fluids, and drugs (especially refined foods) that we ingest and that accumulate in the intestines, blood, lymph, and individual cells. In order to achieve health and healing these toxic conditions must be neutralized and eliminated.

When garbage is removed, the flies go with it or have to find another home. The same thing happens to pathogens when you remove auto-intoxicating conditions from bowel pocket impactions, plaque, and rotted, putrefied food in the colon. Colon plaque can collect just like plaque on teeth, and arterial plaque, and can be removed with colon cleansing—with a side benefit to arterial sclerosis. Try the www.blessedherbs.com colon cleanse for a “clean” you may not have felt in years.

Lungs, skin, kidneys, and colon can detoxify, repair damage, and restore function, and rid themselves of noxious accumulations with the use of herbs and foods. Try the detoxes and therapies suggested on this site.


Positive Emotional States

Whatever your age, health, habits, or stress it is never too late to take charge of your healing potential. Start changing old habits that don’t work today, and replace them with positive actions that produce the results you desire. Take a moment and laugh at How to Handle the Burdens of Life.

Leave your old serious habits behind
Free yourself of stress & limitations
Sing your heart out
Dance the wild thing
Laugh out loud
Achieve an altered state
Throw caution to the wind
Follow your passion and Live your joy
Whatever you are attracted to is a part of you; reclaim it
Whatever excites you is your truth; speak it
Whatever brings you joy is your passion; follow it
Reconnect with your childish wonder



All living matter is alive with vibrating energy. To renew this energy, to revitalize, without compromise the teaming masses of vibrating potential called life is to support its ability to exist forever. Dr. Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, devoted his life to the study of cells. After 40 years of perfecting many of the surgical techniques, still used by M.D.’s today, that keep human cells viable during invasive procedures he became the world’s leading authority on cellular mechanics. His indisputable credentials give validity to his remarkable statement: “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid… give the cells what they need for nutrition…and the pulsation of life may go on forever.”

The living humanity of our planet has not lost its renew-ability, but has momentarily forgotten its existence. Now that we have experienced the full effects of polluting our planet and ourselves, we can exercise our potential by moving toward renewal and healing: We have the ability. Dr. Masaru Emoto showed the world that using words like love and appreciation directed toward water in lakes, dams, and containers can restructure and crystallize dirty water into glowing geometric jewels of joy and healthy conditions. Imagine what thinking and using those words can do to the fluids inside the body.

Our collective goal as humans is to live life to the fullest potential with which we are capable. By remewing our health, increasing our performance, and renewing our abilities we exponentially increasing our potential and expanding our capabilities.

— Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.