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If you are ready to optimize your health, no matter the current stage of dis-ease or wellness you are presently experiencing, a Raphaology session is for you.

Each of us retains the cellular capacity for health and healing blueprinted in our DNA, making each of our bodies is its own doctor. A Raphaology Healing session will help you access, unlock and unleash your innate healing potential.

A caring, skillful and Certified Raphaology Practitioner, trained in the most state-of-the-art, insightful, and thorough method of healing, will guide you through a unique and empowering session. Customized from the start, the state of your health background and experiences lay at the foundation for the step-by-step process that will lead to achieving your complete vitality.

Our bodies have over 7,200 nerve paths that begin in the head, traverse the body through the spinal cord and end on the feet. Each of those nerve paths are connected to one individual gland or organ, and contain the valuable information about the organ’s function or dysfunction, balance or imbalance and how to use the nature’s resources for progressing through the healing process.

Since your body knows everything about you, there is no need for invasive or harsh medical procedures. The learned touch of the practitioner’s hand, gently accesses each nerve ending, conveys more complete information than blood work, x-rays, MRI’s, or a something-oscopy. Technology can merely determine when your body is in crisis, while Raphaology Interactive Determination Therapy reveals every condition far in advance of crisis.

Your body wants to heal, not treat symptoms. It lets you know where to pay attention by exhibiting pain, debility, or degeneration to get you to repair the problem. Because the body knows every minute detail of its constitution and what is needed to prevent or cure the problem, when we respond with healing rather than symptom treatment, critical measures can be avoided or alleviated. In order to access this innate healing information, all we have to do is ask in the way the body knows how to respond, through the nervous system.

Colors play an important role in a Raphaology session. Our phenomenal bodies intrinsically use each color of sun’s light as the resource from which to make hormones. And hormones deliver fuel for organ function as well as determine their quality of performance. By placing color strips on the body, nerves take action and their response indicates hormone levels; where the body is ready to begin the next healing cycle; and determine which plant-medicines will be needed for its accomplishment.

Raphaology uses a potent combination of specific herbs and foods as nature’s remedy for healing the source of the problem, thus eliminating the root cause and its symptoms. Herbs play the role of repairing damage. Unlike pharmaceuticals, which target one specific aspect of a symptom to suppress or over-ride it, and subsequently produces multiple side-effects, herbs work holistically to support and repair the action of every cell, re-establishing their function.

Foods are the daily medicine that when used with knowledge, and together with herbs, fully compliment and boost every organ’s action for radiant vitality. Crucial nutritional components that our bodies cannot make for themselves are supplied through Peak Frequency Foods, and include elements such as Real Salt that provides the correct electrolytes to balance stomach acids and blood pressure, and extra virgin olive oil that provides the daily essential fatty acids to metabolize minerals and neutralize toxins.

Learning how to eat for maximum health and for maintaining optimum function, strength and joy is the path to improving digestion, eliminating pain and symptoms, building bones, reducing aging, boosting immunity, increasing intelligence, and giving you creativity and peace.

Raphaology sessions encompass to so much more than mere physical health. Mental stress and overwhelm, hormonal imbalance, emotionally stuck patterns, and energetic needs are all resolved using the powerful natural resources provided in Raphaology for taking charge of your life, health, and joy.


Raphaology Is for You
Peak Frequency Productions

We heartily give thanks, acknowledgment, and mega credit to the cast and crew of Raphaology is for You for their voluntary time, talent, and efforts in making this video project the fun, glorious, and successful venture it is. May you each have health, happiness, and receive tenfold the joy and abundant energies you put forth. We love and appreciate you!

Director Divine: Arthur Anderson DGA
Assistant Director: Michelle Anderson Lewis
Cameraman: Nathan Lewis
Screenwriter: Morning: Spirit: Wolf, DRM
Executive Producer: Jen Collins
Editor Extraordinaire: Alex Downs Panopoly Productions
Raphaology Practitioners: Ed Schieber (lead)
Sion Wolf
Torsten Kunert
Raphaology Patrons: Tricia Trimble (lead)
Helena Shephird
Camille Newlan
Stephen Kannard
Talent: Hallie Cooper
Cristina Rios
Lisa Newlan-Morris
Child Talent: Kunert brothers
Voice Talent: Malcolm Groom
Make-up Artist: Stephanie Reuter
Music: Andre΄ de Santana
Consultant: Tammy ann Casper