Healing with Peak Frequency Herbs

healingw:pfMedicinal herbs, phyto-ceuticals, are nature’s healing plants, some of them with countless abilities to change lives for the better. They have been safely used for millennia, and their active healing properties remain the inspiration of every pharmaceutical drug today. Specific herbs remarkably put their innate ability for putting sun’s light, soil’s nutrients and water’s molecules into action inside the human body to repair and regenerate damaged tissues. It seems too good to be true, but good it is.

Through the loss of knowledge of how to prevent illness, and what to do for ourselves if we get ill, we have accepted drug suppression of symptoms as a model for health. However, being symptom free does not mean health is prevalent. Blood tests indicate normal ranges that can include unhealthy conditions building to crisis with a life threatening dis-ease diagnosed within weeks of the last “normal” blood test. Our bodies are aware of each pending condition, what it needs for healing and will always respond with health when the proper medicine is offered. Nature’s medicine, herbs, are available to heal every illness. (for more info click here)

Herbs facilitate biochemical activities at a cellular level thereby improving health throughout the body, targeting every weakness and neglecting nothing. Taking Chamomile, Thyme, Horsetail and Juniper Berry herbs for arthritis, for instance, may also lead to healing headaches, indigestion, and ulcers. Supplementing daily food with Peak Frequency Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals is a must for health in today’s world. Medicinal plants are vast warehouses of the missing nutrients from foods grown in mineral depleted soil. Peak Frequency Plant Therapy cold processed, whole plant extracts contain multiple vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, alkaloids, glycosides, enzymes, steroids, and natural antibiotics often contained within a single plant. (to purchase www.ineedherbs.com)

Because we have been conditioned to think of health as the absence of dis-ease, and that suppressing symptoms with toxic pharmaceuticals known to cause organ damage is the only option, it is mainly the lack of knowledge of effective alternatives to these harsh and harmful drugs that keeps people from choosing the miraculous properties of herbs today. (see more  Color Organ Herb Chart)

Choosing the highest quality, most effective herbs, whether fresh, extracted, encapsulated or as tea, prepared with the most pristine and integritous methods, will provide healing at any stage of dis-ease, and improvement at any age. Knowing the herb to choose and use is the herbalists touch and healers intuition, and anyone can learn and benefit. You can learn all about how the body heals, what and how much it needs, and get empowered with knowledge and experience for total healing through Raphaology Medicine classes.

— Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.