Know Your Herbs

They are found in your kitchen, the window box, the lawn and are often “weeds” that pop up between garden vines.

While some are beautiful,others are funny looking and strange smelling, however they appearthese herbscancarry life-saving medicine. Knowing how to recognize them in nature or dried in glass on a shelf, herbs offer us exotic tastes when we use them as spices, and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and anti-bacterial cures when we use them to heal.

Grandma used them on bee stings, Auntie used them for soothing head congestion, and the weird guy up the street used them when he burned his arm. Herbs have a million uses, can perform extraordinary feats of healing, and they do it with effortless consistency and potency. To know the use of herbs is to feel empowered, unafraid and un-victimized in the face of injury or illness. From herbs come the primer of pharmaceuticals, the teachers of self-healing, the dedication to form and purpose and the reconnection of earth to our human roots.