Watch Susie Heal

Watch Susie Heal: Episode 1

These video segments follow the real life healing of east coast dweller Susan Wilmert, who with wit, charm, chaos and perseverance we watch detoxify, regenerate, and survive the fatal diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease (hypothyroidism) using the herbs and foods of Peak Frequency.

Truly inspirational, humorous, and heart-warming, the raw and intimate insights into Susie’s healing process will make you laugh, cry, and applaud her tenacity. Having suffered multiple organ removals, lung collapse, pituitary damage, plantar ulcerations, severe depression, the side effects of over 30 prescription drugs, and who most recently had been bed-bound for 9 months, we share in her triumphs, challenges, and set-backs as she re-learns to cook, eat, breathe, love, poop, and live.

Watching Susie heal you’ll fall in love, get disgusted, root for her success, and mostly get motivated to be a better person. This quirky look into the life of a death defying woman is not to be missed. Look for these segments in the first of a two part full length documentary called Healing My Sister scheduled for release in mid 2014.