Why Choose Herbs over Drugs?

whychooseherbsWhile drugs may help in times of crisis, they are not designed to heal us or to keep us well. Once crisis is over our bodies are ready to renovate damage and reinstate function with healing resources from medicinal plants: herbs. Continuing to use drugs for symptom treatment alone leaves the underlying problem to further degenerate, while harsh chemicals toxify and damage the body, host more pathogens, and produce further symptoms (side-effects). Why choose a second rate copy of drugs that prevent healing when nature offers us the original—real medicine that truly heals? (more…)

It is mainly lack of knowledge of options and alternatives to harsh and harmful drugs that keep people from choosing the miraculous properties of botanicals. Medicinal herbal knowledge, using plants in season, their preservation, and applications have been safely used for millennia. They are the real traditional medicine that remain the basis from which industrial medicine synthesizes pharmaceutical drugs today.

For each dis-ease we have created through acidity, dehydration, nutritional deficiency, hormone imbalance, lack of oxygen, calcification and parasites—nature has the cure. With chamomile, horsetail, alfalfa, and red skinned potatoes that alkalize us, water to hydrate us, peak frequency foods and herbs to nutrify us, sun’s light as the resource for balanced hormones, the trees of life to provide oxygen, dark green vegetables and sprouts to de-calcify plaque from our vessels and stones from organs, and cloves, wormwood, and black walnut hull to eliminate parasites we have all the medicine to reclaim EASE from each state of dis-ease. (more…)

— Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.