Peak Learning

Learning is the embodiment of informational power that gives us knowing; the connection with our life source. The gathering of intelligence, understanding, and revelation is the bit by bit process of the brain uncovering the Universe. We truly learn that which we are interested in and attracted to. Everything else is just memorization or passing whim.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA┬áTo learn by heart is to tap into our emotional power of intuition and insight; the knowledge within. To learn the “big picture” we must change our position from understanding into a new perspective that includes overstanding.

The eagle, when flying high above, looks down at the now tiny spec that once seemed so huge, and realizes that all the answers are in-sight. Native Red Man have been finding and placing eagle feathers in their hair as antennae to see through the flying eagle’s eye, and gain new perspectives for themselves.

Calendar of Classes

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July 8 Peaknic Orange County, CA
August 17-29 Raphaology Course 1 Part B Orange County, CA
August 21 Foundational Hands-On Training
(previously Beginning Hands-On Training)
Orange County, CA, 11am-5pm
August 24-26 Raphaology Course 7 Part B Orange County, CA
September 7-9 Raphaology Course 1 Part A Orange County, CA
September 28-30 Bio-Abundant Farm Conference Brentwood, CA
October 19-21 Raphaology Course 1 Part B Orange County, CA
October 28 Let’s Be Healthy Center Grand Opening
see map here
Costa Mesa, CA, 4pm
November 30-December 2 Raphaology Course 2 Part A Orange County, CA
December 16 Holiday Potluck Orange County, CA