Become a Doctor of
Raphaology® Medicine

Raphaology logo CLR ARTThe doctoral program in Raphaology Medicine is authorized under the Universal College of Indigenous Medicine (UCIM), with curriculum approved under the 1993 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Not accredited through the University of California system, the esteemed program for doctoral candidacy consists of:

  1. 280 hours of class participation
  2. Licensing as a Raphaology Practitioner
  3. Finalizing 7 Course levels
  4. Completion of 30 hours of Practicum’s and Coaching
  5. 60 hours of Internship
  6. Acceptance of thesis proposal
  7. Oral or experiential thesis presentation

enrollRaphaology is a return to the practices of the ancients in which the innate knowledge of plants, elements, earth, and the human body kept people free of dis-ease, and living long, joyful, and healthy lives. Your practice of Raphaology Medicine restores a lifestyle of stress-free, easy, empowered confidence that produces multi-layered healing for you and every other life you touch with its authentic information and state-of-the-art therapeutic resources.

— Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.