Become a Licensed Raphaology Practitioner

Raphaology logo CLR ARTWhether you want to improve the quality or longevity of your life, enhance your current healing practice with expanded methods, higher quality supplements and resources, and get better results, or begin a rewarding and successful foray into facilitating the wellness of others, Raphaology Medicine provides seven levels of comprehensive courses on the workings of the human body, mind, heart, and spirit. Learn naturally effective ways to determine, prevent, heal, and maintain peak performance in all areas of life.

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You can become a Licensed Raphaology Practitioner by:

  • 15 hours of hands-on Practicum’s and Coaching
  • 20 hours of internship
  • Licensing Agreement—includes automatic membership in Raphaology Guild

Discover the astounding European, Egyptian, American, and Indigenous research and its results on the effect of light and color in the psyche and how to use them to create healing and joy in your life and in the lives of those you choose to share it. Based on over 55 combined years of research and experience in the fields of medicinal herbs and nutrition, the curriculum researched and prepared by Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf and Morning: Spirit: Wolf, is both state-of-the-art, and highly effective touting unsurpassed results. The innovative system of foot mapping may provide more accurate detection than modern technology and laboratory tests, and nature’s herbs, foods, and light provide the true power for healing.

Light and color are energies that have tremendous affects on our thinking, emotions and feelings.  Every color is a fuel for certain mental and feeling processes. When lacking certain colors emotions such as depression, stress, anger, loneliness, hate, addiction, laziness, and fear start to become a part of our personality.  But, when certain color spectrums from foods and plants are present we experience: intelligence, clarity, confidence, motivation, relationship skills, balance, and creativity as our emerging emotions and performance. With light your mind becomes a truly powerful tool, and with it choose the shape of your future.

This course will enable you to consult people about their ailments with a power you may have never thought possible. This educational program, is designed to give you the instruction needed to advance in your work as a health practitioner, a family member, or a caring friend.

Become a Licensed Raphaology Practitioner and provide others with the care and medicine once practiced by our ancestors, and remains the most advanced healing therapy today. As a Licensed Practitioner of Raphaology’s unique and customized system, you will first determine the cause of symptom(s), then the specific herbs that are needed to repair damage and restore function. This causes symptoms to disappear. Finally, ascertain the individual foods required for energizing and boosting every body system and hormonal balance. Healing begins. Everyone wins!

— Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.