Benefits of Raphaology® Courses

Raphaology logo CLR ARTThe benefits of knowing and practicing self-healing are unlimited. Imagine yourself feeling a cold or flu coming on. Since you have taken a course in Raphaology, and have learned how all disease begins in the digestive system; with bacteria growing in the acidic; vitamin depleted; and putrid food environment of your intestines, you spring into action. Putting on a pot of Horsetail or Chamomile tea, taking the right doses of Thyme extract, vitamins C, and B-complex, and gargling with Real Salt water you know you have just neutralized the acid, boosted the digestive system, and given your body the resources that activated a powerful immune response. You rest easy knowing you warded off the same cold that your co-workers are going to be down with for weeks, and you will sleep like a baby tonight while others will be woken with coughing, sniffles and body aches.

For these and myriad other illnesses, Raphaology classes provide self-healing information, practical applications, and empowerment for parents, individuals, and healing professionals alike. The curriculum is state-of-the-art, based in a holistic approach that links herbs, light and foods for surprisingly simple effectiveness, and combines beautifully with other modalities to produce unsurpassed success.

The power to REVENT and CURE any dis-ease is not in the hands of doctors and drugs. The REAL power belongs to YOU!

Your body is its own doctor. Regardless of age, genetics, or state of health, every human body has the intelligence and power to repair, rebuild and restore itself with the choice of herbs over drugs.

Raphaology classes contain information that reveals the ways you can activate the body’s inherent ability to :

  • REPAIR damage,
  • BALANCE hormones,
  • BOOST function,
  • REGENERATE your health, immunity, youth, strength, and longevity.

Stimulate your body’s automatic response to peak quality natural elements for preventing and healing every dis-ease condition—from indigestion, allergies, and obesity, to diabetes, cancer and heart dis-ease.

While commercial medicine continues to treat the symptoms of dis-ease and ignore what’s causing them, YOU can remedy the underlying problems, the true cure. Take charge of your health with Raphaology.

— Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.