Bio-Abundant Farming Conference

Annual Bio-Abundant Farm Conference Event – September 28-30, 2018

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  • Be a part of the future of foods beyond mere organic standards.
  • Become part of the solution for mineral depleted crops.
  • Become a Bio-Abundant farmer or advocate for food packed with vital life force factors.
  • Taste, see, hear, feel, and experience the difference in food grown Bio-Abundantly.

This annual conference takes place at the height of stone fruit season in northern California, at Knoll Organic Farm. Attend the seminars and workshops, camp in the field, pick the harvest, and enjoy the country air.

Bio-Abundant Farming

Based in the methods of Rudolph Steiner’s Biodynamics, and Russia’s Permaculture, combined with Rick Knoll’s laboratory and experiential know-how in bio-chemistry and soil engineering, Bio-Abundant farming is the creation of a sustainable ecosystem where super charged food is harvested year round.

With Bio-Abundant farming a 10 acre parcel of land can produce2 more food than 100 acres of conventional farming. Letting nature do the lion’s share of the work, the self-sustaining eco-system of symbiotic plants and their harmonic “weeds” lend protection and moisture to food producing plants. There are no pristine rows that expose unprotected plants to harsh climate changes and energy loss. There is just food growing everywhere the eye can see, and under it too.

On a bio-Abundant farm mono-crops are unheard of. Seasonal food has new meaning. In the spring there are apricots, plums and garlic, summer brings peaches, nectarines, and rosemary, fall offers figs and pears, and winter gives persimmons and pomegranates. The rows of varietal fruit producing tress are numbered among 3perennial ground plants providing herbs, salad greens, vine and root vegetation, and culinary spices.

Experience how bee keeping, composting, varietal planting, and liquid fertilizer made from nature’s “nutrient soup mix” creates the vast difference from foods raised with commercial organic standards, substandard conventional farming, and mono-cropping. See and taste for yourself how much more nutrients, flavor, and energy Bio-Abundant food provides.

  • Learn how you can make a difference, make a4 living, and be part of the supply for the coming demands for food that is truly our daily medicine.
  • Learn how to create the environments in soil, water, light, and air to grow sustainable and vital food that supplies life force factors for mankind, bees, and animals alike.
  • Learn how to be a part of healing the planet and restoring eco-systems that reduce energy drain and add to clean air and water.
  • Join us for this phenomenal, annual conference in Brentwood Northern California.

5Eat, sleep, commune, cook, learn, and enjoy the hands on sensations in a return to the land, return to the roots of life, and return to Peak Living at the Bio-Abundant faming Conference. Join the Bio-Abundant Farm Conference

Come and enhance your awareness of super foods ability to heal us and our planet mother. Learn to convert conventional farming, create community gardens, and grow abundance in your backyard at:

12510 Byron Highway
Brentwood, California 94513

Time to Change from Commercialized Farming

Commercialized farming has produced mineral depleted foods since the 1920’s with our degenerated health showing the effects. We sterilize our agricultural soil with pesticides and herbicides. These devastating chemicals destroy the beneficial and harmful soil and plant bacteria alike, like pharmaceutical antibiotics in our bodies, which harm plant’s natural immune systems. Farmers weren’t able to use herbicides before GMO crops because it didn’t just kill the weeds, it killed the crops too. GMO crops meant they could spray the herbicide glyphosate, Monsanto’s “Roundup”, without killing the plant, but the weeds and pests are becoming resistant. Growers now have to spray more Roundup to get the same result, and the FDA keeps raising the “acceptable” levels to accommodate the growers, regardless of the poisoning effect of this chemical on consumers. We just don’t know what we’re getting from conventionally farmed foods—except sick.