Your Invitation to a Course in
The Natural Art of Healing

For your health and that of your family, friends, or as a career path, Raphaology Courses offer a scintillating, entertaining, and unique track of study in state of the art technology, energy, and ease of use. In Course 1 you will learn the 4 natural elements that constitute health and healing using Peak Frequency Herbs, Whole Food Nutrition, Light and Color Therapy, and Interactive Determination Therapy. These elements compliment every other healing modality and enhance any health condition.

During the 40 hour course, divided between 2 weekends, you will learn the causes of illness, how to prevent dis-ease, and how to build up your defense system against the ever increasing attacks of dis-ease causing agents such as stress, pollution, radiation, viruses, bacteria, fungus, worries, traumas and fears. The empowerment and confidence this course builds is truly a gift. You will no longer have to give your healing power to others and will know what to do for every health situation.

You’ll be amazed at the properties of medicinal and nutritional plants, which are charged with light during photosynthesis. Certain plants absorb specific colors from the sunlight. When we ingest such a plant, the spectrum of vibration it carries is released as life source energy and becomes vital nutrition, as well as hormones, intellect and immunity. By communicating with the energy field through I.D. Therapy, it is easy to interpret which light energy is missing and which herb, food, vitamin or mineral will supply it and erase all deficiencies and their symptoms.

This course will supply you with the heart and soul of true healing, along with every element necessary for self healing and should you choose, prepare you to help someone in the same manner.

COURSE 1 Highlight

  • Gain deeper understanding of the workings of human biology and digestion
  • Learn Herbs with medicinal properties that repair damaged organs
  • Learn Foods that boost every physical and emotional function
  • Full knowledge of hormones
  • Eliminate fear of the unknown
  • Unlock mysteries of true healing
  • Unleash innate ability to repair and restore all systems and functions to full potency

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