Save the Bees

savethebees6 Simple Ways to Help Bee the Solution

Beecause Bees provide pollination for over 70% of the food we eat, their crisis in facing extinction means our food supply shares the same fate.

Here are some things each of us can do to help save the Bees:

  1. Bee organic. Buying organic is one of the easiest ways to support bee-friendly forage.
  2. Bee a gardener. Plant bee-friendly fruits and flowers to provide forage for honey bees. Visit our Floral Department or Garden Center for high-quality seeds and plants suited to your local climate. Ask for a bee-friendly list!
  3. Bee savvy at home. Most lawn, garden and home pest problems can be solved without toxic and persistent chemical pesticides.
  4. Bee a smart shopper. Several suppliers have donated funds to support honey bee preservation. Look for “Share the Buzz” signs on their products throughout the store.
  5. Bee a beekeeper. Whether you live in the country or the city, you can show your commitment by hosting a hive in your backyard or even on a rooftop. The backyard beekeeping movement is growing, so you’re sure to find swarms of folks who can help you find your way.
  6. Bee social. Social media can be a powerful tool for busy bees. Share stories, videos and more honey bee action ideas from Whole Foods Market®’s Facebook and Twitter posts. Check your local store calendar for buzz-worthy educational events.