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What can we do to achieve health and immunity to degeneration? Whether we live in the city or the rain forest the modern world poses a real threat to the health and well being of everyone who lives on it. Adulterated food, stress, environmental pollution, anger, obligation, guilt, fear, and a host of other destructive forces await us at every turn that can cause us harm or illness.

The largest component of physical health that we can direct our efforts toward is what constitutes nearly 80% of what our body is made of; water. When prisms of water are penetrated by light it produces a rainbow of colors as light emerges through the other side, showing us that water has the power to separate light from the sun into a seven-color spectrum. Since our bodies consist primarily of water they too have the ability to separate light into those same colors within the body fluids. Reason tells us that the body uses those seven colors of light; gold, yellow, green, blue, violet, orange, and red, in some important way. Indeed this is the way our bodies use the light, heat and energy from the sun, by converting that pure light into balanced health from each of the seven colors of light.

Water absorbs pure light from the sun, just as plants do, and can pass that light along to us in the form of energy, intelligence, vitality, vitamins, and minerals, and washing away toxins through fluid exchange. Today’s definition of bottled mineral water is nothing more than satisfying the publics’ demand for a few glorified, familiar minerals in filtered water. Another misnomer in “good” water is that drinking distilled water is profitable for the body. Distilled water means that the main elements have been distilled out so that the water is now hungry for what is missing. When it enters your body it is going to drink up your vital elements and take them out with it. Bottled “drinking” water may be distilled and/or chlorinated, fluoridated, purified (stripped) or filtered with carbons or other carcinogenic elements. Fresh unadulterated mountain spring water, glacier water, lava rock water, or good quality well water is still the most beneficial to the body, as are some structured waters. Other fluids such as soda, fruit juice, tea, sport drinks, and the like are no substitute for water. Water must be consumed in its pure natural state in at least matching quantity as other consumed fluids, and ideally in more quantity that any other fluids. Lack of essential fluids, or dehydration, is one of the most damaging conditions to cells that the human body can sustain.

The seven hormone producing glands in our bodies are not coincidentally related to the seven colors of light offered directly by the sun. Each gland uses one specific color from the light spectrum to make its hormones, which are the fuel for organ function. Light is also absorbed by plants, which offer it for our use through their consumption. Each of the seven colors supervise certain functions in each of the seven glands, therefore even the lack of a single one of those colors causes the body to become incapacitated and start to degenerate. If, after a time, the missing light has not been replaced, the body, one cell at a time, will die. This demonstrates the direct connection between the amount of light a particular food contains and the amount of nutrients it can offer.

Herbs, which are plant enzyme foods, offer us repairing and restoring properties when the proper herbs are utilized. Poor food habits, environmental toxicity, and stress all induce some form of degeneration or damage over periods of time. Damage to the glands that produce the seven main hormone supplies to the body results in not enough fuel for organs to function properly, which in turn starts a degenerative process for the entire body and all its systems. Lacking light to produce the hormones leads to poor and eventual dysfunction of essential organs that maintain our health. To restore health, repairs need to be made to damaged areas; hormones need to come into balance and function of organs reestablished to maintain health. The main herbs to repair damage to hormone producing glands and start the hormone balancing process are: Marigold for the Pituitary gland, Mustard for the Pineal gland, Cayenne for the Thyroid gland, Wild American Ginseng for the Mammary glands, Sarsaparilla for the Kidney/Adrenal glands, Thyme for the Pancreas gland, and one, or a blend, of Anise Seed, Noni, Juniper Berry, Angelica Root, Yellow pansy and Chaste berry for the Testicles and Ovaries. Repairing and restoring the function of these glands will in turn start the process by which all of the organs that are supervised by these glands to improve their function as well.

Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and most importantly, enzymes are all carriers of the colored light into each different cell and tissue of the body. A deficiency in these nutrients speeds up the development of various forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, premature aging, viral infections, immune system shut downs, and other intractable conditions. According to research conducted by Noble Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrel, “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.” The key to this is in our daily eating habits.

Most of us believe that our daily food supplies satisfaction and thereby at least some nutrition, even if we know we don’t eat as well as we could. We tend to justify that we can eat something “good” later to make up for the lack now. The media has taught us that apples, oranges, carrots, and milk are all good food, which if eaten regularly will keep us in good health. If that were truly the case, then why are we dying younger, acquiring diseases more readily, experiencing more allergies, living with more chronic fatigue and stress, and accepting that old age means inherent loss of health?

The abundance and popularity of fast and convenience food’s increasing use over the past three generations has lead to DNA degeneration and plays a major role in the physical and mental stress breakdown of our lives. Fast and convenient foods mean that they have been overly processed, which may satisfy the pallet but are otherwise totally lacking in even the basic nutrient components needed to live a reasonably healthy life. The processing and purification of food is the method whereby overheating, enriching, preserving, enhancing, conditioning, etc. is performed to extend food’s shelf life and make “safe” for mass consumption by taking out all the “harmful” elements, which processing also destroys all the helpful elements. So where there may or may not have been some bacteria or harmful element, it was destroyed along with the vitamins, minerals and enzymes, rendering the food void of life sustaining properties.

There first must be vitamins and minerals in the food that we eat, and then there must be enzymes present to break the ingested food into small particles so their nutrients may be accessible. Foods may contain sufficient amounts of nutrients, but if there are no accompanying enzymes to access those vitamins and minerals the food becomes an allergen or toxin, thus putting a great strain on the body. Lacking enzymes for digestion of foods’ vitamins and minerals renders the food indigestible, which then quickly turns rancid and will putrefy in the digestive tract, creating toxins for release into the blood stream, which then are circulated and deposited throughout the body. These blood toxins cause many of the modern diseases that were very rare in the days before the invention of processed food.

Unfortunately, even if we are eating little processed or fast foods we are unaware of which foods contain the highest amounts of enzymes, proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.  It is vital that the body receives these nutrients via light from foods so that we are able to attain health. There are many studies that show which color of light foods absorb from the sun. For instance: if instead of a “green house” you used a “black house” and let no sunlight in, but used only specific spectrum lights, you would find that a lemon tree will not grow or produce fruit under red or blue light, but will flourish under gold light. By this method you would find that the foods with the highest enzyme and nutrient content absorb the greatest concentration of one specific color of sun’s light and are able to transfer that light to the human body through ingestion. This light, in the form of enzymes, then helps food to break down, digest easily and avail its essential nutrients for use, without producing toxicity or disease-promoting components. Many of today’s commercial growing practices block the absorption of light into foods; such as genetic modification, chemical soil amendments, herbicides and pesticides, depleted soil minerals, and contaminated watering. Therefore organic foods offer better enzyme activity.

At this point we realize that enzymes play a key role in both the digestion and absorption of nutrients from foods. We may take daily supplements of vitamins and minerals but unless our body can break down and utilize them they will go to waste or worse yet, get stored and become toxins. Since science has been unable to pinpoint the components required for a disease free body, adding incomplete, synthetic vitamins to the diet and hoping your body’s needs are being met, is not the proper answer. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would have us believe that the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals is the same for every individual. They suggest a pitifully low dosage is enough to sustain good health for each and every person, along with the fact that synthetic nutrients can be substituted for natural, while ignoring the destructive side effects caused by their use. Please note that the director of the FDA died at the age of 38 years in 1994 from a common malnutrition problem.

There will always be vital, unidentified substances lacking from manufactured, processed vitamin and mineral complexes that can never become as complete as the ones found in natural herbs, vegetables, and fruits. These unidentified substances are the difference between disease and complete health. When you are ready to commit to taking your health upon yourself instead of relying on outside forces to “fix” you, you are ready to begin the process that will lead to better health based on your own enlightened decisions. This commitment often represents a life-style change that may be difficult at first, but becomes easier with practice and has vast rewards in the well being of physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual health.

The next step is to learn about foods that are easily digested, meaning they have an abundance of enzymes and other nutrients necessary for healthy cell function. Add this knowledge to an understanding of how the digestive system functions and what toxic substances are produced by the foods that are not digested, and you have just triggered a profound difference in the way you think and feel about how the food you eat relates to your health.

There is truth to the old adage “you are what you eat”, but more importantly “you are what you digest”. If you are eating foods whose enzymes provide easy break down and access to nutrients, you are providing energy, vitality, and healthy maintenance for all the body’s systems. Eating foods lacking in enzymes and/or nutrients, which cannot be broken down, causes foods to putrefy, emitting toxic off-gasses that travel through blood and are deposited in organs and tissues thus creating a host environment where diseases and parasites can live and thrive. Let’s compare the latter condition with flies and garbage. If garbage is left to sit about, flies will soon come and breed in the excess waste. When you take the garbage out, the flies have nowhere to live so they leave to find a suitable habitat. In your body the garbage is equated to undigested food, having turned rancid, which provides the same kind of home for all kinds of anti-bodies to live, just as the flies in the garbage. Similarly, when the undigested food and its toxins are removed the anti-bodies leave as well, initiating a detoxification process leading to new health.

Another category of foods that are not only difficult to digest but also negatively affect your body’s metabolic rate and DNA programs are foods that have been biologically or genetically engineered and modified. This means that the foods themselves (such as chicken, white rice, certain tomatoes, etc.) have had a foreign gene, or artificial gene program, spliced into their chromosomal pattern so that their metabolic process has been altered from its natural state. Your ingestion of these biologically engineered foods has the same effect as if you had submitted your body to genetic engineering. The gene mutating process renders the food indigestible and alters your body’s ability to digest it and other foods. Eating foods that are not modified by chemicals or science will help restore your body’s natural metabolic and genetic processes. By the same token, the best way to remove old, undigested food from the body is to provide high enzyme, high nutrient foods that have the ability to replace the stored toxic food. The highest amounts of enzymes can generally be obtained from eating organic, non-genetically modified, raw foods or foods closest to their fresh, natural state.

Attention needs to be given to the worldwide attempt to control cardiovascular disease and obesity by restricting or excluding fat from our diet. This is not sensible since fats are the major constituents of all cell membranes, these cell membranes being the body’s defense system against invading allergens, bacteria, viruses. and toxins. Fats and oils manufacture a compound, similar to a hormone that regulates every function in the body at the molecular level. This substance can’t be stored in the body and needs to be replenished by daily amounts of essential fatty acids. In addition to building a cushioning layer around every internal organ, the fatty acids helps create immune anti-bodies that can’t be manufactured any other way. The two foods that contain every essential fatty acid are extra virgin olive oil and avocados.

Let’s take a look at the reason fat is accused of being the major causing agent of disease in our diet. There are two categories of fats; those that cause death and those that give life. Oils that are processed with heat, homogenized, oxygenated, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated are best if avoided as much as possible. Highly processed or purified oils are crystal clear fat products, while hydrogenation renders the fat into a solid, both forms are completely stripped of all enzymes and nutrients and therefore all healing properties. Oils treated to any degree can’t be properly metabolized by the body and can be linked to ailments such as cancer and diabetes. A good source of fat contains the enzyme lipase (such as in cold pressed oils and avocado), which aids in the immediate digestion of the fat as it enters the stomach, preventing it from later going rancid in the intestines (a major disease-causing condition). This enzyme is then absorbed into the blood stream where it helps break down the unhealthy fatty build-ups along artery walls and in tissues. Fats need not be avoided, just wisely chosen. Those that enhance the body’s ability to fight disease will have the words “cold pressed, expeller pressed, or extra virgin” on the label.

Salt, or sodium, is another popular buzz word in the world of disease causation, but like fat, salt is an important element in the health of our body. However most salt available on your grocers shelf, which comes naturally from the sea or the ground, is bleached or stripped of the natural enzymes and minerals inherent in the salt. It is iodized to make up for the loss of minerals and coated with a non-stick chemical to prevent caking (sticking). With this processing, use of table salt causes fluid retention, high blood pressure and other related diseases. Salt processed in this way may be pleasing to the eye but it turns to arsenic when heated and boiled, which is how most canned foods are preserved. Salt in butter, for instance, covers up the rancidity of poor quality cream, while eating salted foods covers up the awareness of rancidity and failing organs in our own body. Alternately, Real Salt™ is sea salt that does not come from the ocean, but from an ancient dried sea bed and is mined from the earth at Redmond, Utah. It looks similar to sand. It is unprocessed and comes complete with all its enzymes, vitamins and minerals, having no added chemicals or stabilizers. Real Salt™ provides the body with much needed enzymes and minerals, and helps remove fluid retaining sodium build up, and other nutritionally depleted putrefactions in organs and tissues.

Artificial or modified sugars present in packaged, processed and convenience foods are yet another toxin prevalent in today’s world. Sodas, ketchup. and cereals all containing up to 80% processed sugar, are but a few of the consumed items considered to be foods yet are devoid of any nutrients that feed the body, and are full of elements that cause degeneration. Processed sugar is not only virtually indigestible it triggers a chain reaction of stressed body processes that lead to some of the major critical diseases we as a people experience today including diabetes, colitis. and osteoporosis. Aspartame, a common artificial sweetener marketed as Nutra-sweat, Equal and Spoonful, is not only a major factor in headaches and the formation of brain tumors; it also plays a key role in cell dehydration. Natural sugars, found in fruits and sugar cane, are the carbohydrates, or energy units, needed to initiate the digestive process. Fruits eaten to break the nights’ fast establishes a high metabolic rate for the day, especially if the morning fruit is papaya, blackberries or avocados. Natural sugar cane, such as the brand Sucanat,™ is high in enzymes and high in nutrients (primarily minerals) which have been obtained without processing and offers large mineral content accessible with energetic elements to fuel all body systems.

Finally, in achieving health today we must also consider the utensils we use to prepare, cook, serve. and store our foods. The use of microwave cooking is not only highly carcinogenic through creating free radicals from imploding food cells, it also genetically modifies foods cells, and also needs to be avoided if we want to avoid irradiation and destruction of food enzymes. In order to avoid bacteria, mold, and other pathogens that grow and multiply in food we need to avoid aluminum, plastic, non-stick surfaces, bleached and artificially dyed utensils, and oxidized ware. Aluminum cans, cookware, foil. and serving and eating utensils all contribute to critical disease growth in our organs and brain, as it has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Plastic, which is a harmful, processed petroleum product, is a major bacterial growth promoter and will support bacterial growth in water containers, storage containers, plastic bags and wraps, even in your polyester clothing. Non-stick surfaces, whether baked on or sprayed on, are highly toxic and flake, wipe and chip off into the food we consume. Avoid bleached and dyed utensils such as bleached coffee filters, bleached tea bags, paper.

— Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf & Morning: Spirit: Wolf
Professors and Doctors of Raphaology Medicine