Peak Frequency Living Community
On-Line Membership

Stay tuned for exciting ways to participate: For just pennies a day, membership offers inspirational, fun, and healthy information, recipes, lifestyle enhancing tips, and membership in a community of like minded people who are conscious, aware, and looking for something better—just like you. With membership your life will be enhanced beyond measure and you’ll receive:

  1. Reduced rate on Raphaology Course 1, Parts A & B A must for everyone and anyone who wants to be free of dis-ease, limitations, and reliance on doctors and drugs. Learn how to completely and whole-istically take care of yourself and loved ones, and perhaps continue and become a Raphaology Practitioner. In Raphaology Course, Level One (parts A & B) you will learn what your emotions are telling you, how your body works, and what happens when it doesn’t, what foods heal you or dis-ease you, how herbal medicines heal, and can eliminate need for Rx drugs, and what symptoms really are. Learn what’s needed to heal and stay healthy, and what choices to make for optimal energy, performance and vitality. (more…)
  2. Peak-It-Up Club Receive tips, recipes, herbal suggestions, movements, exercises, motivation, support, and encouragement to get you out of the proverbial box and help you achieve the weight and body you really want, with guidance to re-design yourself according to your inner vision and desires.
  3. Peak Frequency Learning Library Available on-line, presenting fascinating, informative and practical articles on health, herbs, food, digestion, agriculture, environment, farmers markets, medicine, science, relationships, phenomenon’s, how-to, and self-help, and includes suggested reading Book list, E-books, select DVD’s, Documentary favorites, and curriculum, updated and archived monthly. Unquestionably the richest source of practical information and exciting educational materials.
  4. Reduced rates on Media Products Real Deals for members only on the latest and greatest reading and watching materials from Books, E-Books, Cook Books, DVD’s, Healing & First Aid Kits, Cards, Gear, Bags, to many other select, coveted items!
  5. Blog with other Community Members The “How Peak Are You?” private blog to share how-to’s, ideas, recipes, projects, rants, and get-togethers with those in your local community or long distance, get to know other “Peak Lifestylers”, meet and match interests, swap stories, and experiences and grow the knowledge and excitement.