Raphaology Today

The Peak Frequency™ Lifestyle Webazine

Raphaology is all about peak frequency™ health, food, light, learning, and living our potential. Our goal is to be a voice for inspiration, empowerment, and good. With so much of what’s wrong in the world being broadcast, printed, and reported we fancy being a herald of all things right. We launched a web based magazine – a webazine – to share “peak” lifestyle stories, good news,  health and safety tips, amazing healings, non-chemical house cleaning products, inspirational happenings in the world, heroic animals, alternative inventions, and good ol’ down-to-earth suggestions and recipes for how to live a better, less stressful, more meaningful life.

We proudly offer a complimentary e-publication that ranks at the top of the charts for fun, exciting, meaningful, healthy, delicious, and practical information, activities, and videos. Its updated monthly, has categories of multiple interests, and appeals to conscious, health seeking, lifestylers who don’t want to settle for sub-standard.

With the realization that being inundated by negativity adversely affects our health and depressingly influences how we think, perceive, and feel, we advocate surrounding ourselves with positive, nurturing, and supportive people, information, and elements that give us cause to think, perceive, and feel inspired and empowered about our world and ourselves. We are the “feel good” webazine.