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Nature’s Recipe for Peak Health, The Antidote for Commercialized Medicine

About the Book

A ground-breaking, information-filled book that covers lifestyle, biology, nutrition, and herbal plant medicine and endears you to the processes of your own body. What are you willing to do to take back your health?

Nature’s Recipe for Peak Health: The Antidote for Commercialized Medicine is filled with wit and warmth as it offers you not just an alternative to the cookie-cutter approach of modern medicine but also an understanding of dis-ease; what it takes to prevent dis-ease; and the natural means to optimize health. And it does it in an easy to understand and charming way.

High cholesterol? No problem, just pour on the olive oil and avocadoes, then add Vitamin C. Migraine headaches? Piece of cake, down some chamomile tea and pour on B-complex vitamins. Hot flashes? A little Noni fruit and Suma root will do the trick. Every dis-ease starts with nutritional deficiencies, and therein is where the cure lies.

The first in a series of Peak Frequency Healing books based in the many ancient healing arts from Egypt, Orient, Viking, Inka, and Red Man cultures, Raphaology Medicine, which involves the study of phyto-nutrients (plant medicine), Nature’s Recipe for Peak Health offers a true understanding of how the body works and the role nutrients play in health. Synthesizing wisdoms from indigenous healers this book is the most comprehensive book to hit the streets on the topic of taking back our well being.


Supporting Statistics

“Americans make more visits to holistic health care providers than to M.D.s and spend more money out-of-pocket to do so about $30 billion a year.”               —Newsweek

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 65 – 80 percent of the population use holistic naturopathic medicine as a primary form of health care.       —

Natural cancer treatments have a 30 times higher cure rate than orthodox cancer treatments of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.                         —


Book Information

Title: Nature’s Recipe for Peak Health: The Antidote for Commercialized Medicine
ISBN: 978-0-9848457-0-5
Available:,, New Leaf Markets
Pub Date: Jan 2012
Price: $18.95
Category: Health/Nutrition
Illustrations: Color insert. 16 illustrations
Distributor: Partners Publishers Group
Publisher: Peak Health Press