Peak Community Participation

Now that you know a little about who we are and what we do, we hope you like what is offered, and we’d love for you to participate with us in building the Peak Frequency Community. Our aim is to heal ourselves, and help heal the world; one human, one idea, one step at a time. Please take part!

Together we are a whole, and no individual part is separate from that whole. Together we can pool our individual know-how, experience, properties, and abilities for building a whole new future founded in the concepts and practicalities that serve us better. Together we can literally create our reality! Bring what you’ve got and join our growing community and receive ten-fold in return.

Help Build Community
People working together for a cause, moving toward a goal, and feeling like they have a place to belong is a community. Many of us are looking to be involved with other like-minded and like-hearted people, doing good in the world, sharing our know-how, building relationships, and extending our families. Knowing where we belong, being accepted for who we are, and giving, receiving, and participating in a cause that we’re attracted to and fit with, builds that sense of community. Whether you want to live among peers, mentors, nature, or a sustainable village our intention is to build community around the concept of life where abundance prevails; everyone participates, everyone benefits, everyone feels valued, and everyone is grateful.

Suggested Ways to Participate

  • Donate skills, goods, or services
  • Donate time, effort, or creativity
  • Donate funds, or other valuable considerations such as land, building, or warehouse
  • Donate equipment: office, farming, beekeeping, school, transportation, or appliances
  • Donate enthusiasm, network support, or social connections
  • Donate academic, legal, or technical support

What Donations Support and Who Benefits

  • Self-Healing: Growing herbs and disseminating knowledge of how to use them
  • Self-Sufficiency: Community gardening plots and instructors
  • Education: Physical learning spaces locally and nationally
  • Educators: Teacher training and Curriculum development
  • Healing Others: Satellite offices for sessions with Practitioners¬†
  • Supplies: Providing healing tools, supplies, and keeping stock
  • Provide Support: Practitioner & Teacher coaching and support
  • Growth: Development of Peak Food program and products
  • Expansion: Strategies & practicalities for disseminating information on larger scales

Because we are a southern California based operation, we offer participation for locals, and we also offer participation for those who live a distance away.

Local Participation
Help build the Peak Frequency Living Center

  • Teaching kitchen
  • Classrooms
  • Session rooms
  • Community Center

Help build the Peak Frequency Food Development Center

  • Sustainably farmed, organic and wild crafted food ingredient resources
  • Recipe and product development
  • Hands-on cooks
  • Packaging, shipping
  • Warehouse

Help build the Bio-Abundant Farm

  • 10-20 acres of land needed
  • Poplar or eucalyptus saplings for a living fence
  • Green houses and potting sheds
  • Farming equipment
  • Heirloom seeds and plants
  • Bee houses

Remote Participation

  • Webinar subjects and teachers pertaining to Peak Frequency
  • Printing of Books, Manuals, and Supplies
  • Article and Document writers for Newsletter and Webazine
  • Data base file upload and management
  • Website and SEO development and management
  • Marketing, Advertising, Publicity, and Networking
  • Artists for illustration, music, movement, and other community projects

Contact [email protected] for more information and ways you can participate