Projects We Support

Because we have painted ourselves into a corner with the imbalances we have created in, on, and above the earth resulting in dying soil, food, animals, air, waters, and people – projects with real meaning and true purpose can turn these dis-eases around and we can effectuate the cure.

Indigenous Medicine
Peak Frequency Plant Therapy

Our ancestors used nature’s plant medicines to eliminate bacteria, virus and fungus, kill parasites, and cure cancer. Because of their knowledge and respect of the medicine chest in nature’s farmacy, they lived without most of modern man’s dis-easement. Many countries today use herbs as their first line of defense and drugs as a last resort. International law defines medicine as “healing practices, without surgery or invasion, using medicines that heal or cure a disease process.”

Probiotic Microbes

Custom Probiotics Gut-Brain Axis; how the delicate balance between the intestinal micro-flora and the brain affects emotions, pain perception, immune activity and why disturbances in that balance produce symptoms such as Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, and insomnia.

Bio-Abundant Farming

Rick Knoll, Knoll Organic Farms Become part of the solution to mineral depleted organic crops. Learn to make mineral rich soil, create an eco-systme, and allow “weeds” that preserve moisture and provide natural protection against fungus. See the difference between the mono-crop approach of getting a single harvest of earth stripping, energy wasting, labor intensive, picked before ripened organic food compares to Bio-Abundant farming that produces earth enriching, energy efficient, minimal labor, sun-ripened, year round, nutrient packed super-immunizing food. 10 acres of bio-abundantly farmed food yields year round crops that amount to more than 100 acres of conventional farming.

Save the Bees, Colony Collapse Disorder

Learn how to raise and keep healthy honey bees. Without bees all life on planet earth ceases to exist, yet modern farming is abusing and killing off bees by the millions with migratory pollinating, mono-cropping away the diversity of plants bees need to eat, transgenic use of neuro-toxic insecticides, artificially inseminating queen bees, and feeding bees refined sugar. In addition to more than 60% of the food we eat, bees give us pathogen impermeable honey, anti-histamine and allergy reducing pollen, tissue regenerating propylus, and anti-aging royal jelly. We can’t live without them, and they can’t live without us.

Homeostatic Soil Organisms

Often referred to as the cycle of plant/soil expansion, the cultures that grow in the soil, up-taken by plants, and returned to soil by plant’s roots and leaves create microbes similar to the microbes in our gastrointestinal tract. These very nutrient rich soil enzymes, minerals, and microbes, which are missing from today’s pesticide-sterilized, barren soil, prevent and cure every digestive dis-ease from IBS, Crone’s, ulcerative colitis, Candida, hepatitis, to colon cancer. Not found in other fermented dairy or pickled products, HSO’s return friendly microbes to the entire body while killing harmful pathogens and offering energy, vitality, and a return to health when all else has failed.

Inter-Tribal Bison Council

As the collective Red Man tribes unite to bring back their sacred animal from extinction, reclaim their rightful place on the plains, mountains, and wetlands, and once again practice ceremony, medicine, and earth-symbiosis, the ITBC represents the return of peace and plenty among the caretakers of the earth. Our support of their efforts, learning of their triumphs over genocide, and reconnecting with indigenous teachings returns our focus to healing ourselves, the earth, and all her elements and inhabitants.

Whole Food Healing

Catie Wyman-Norris How eating organic, whole food concentrates loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and life-force factors can make the difference between fatal dis-ease and life saving tools that reboot and boost the human body. Personal story of Catie’s struggle to save her life and create a product that made the difference between life and death for herself and thousands of others.

Cymatics, The Vibrations of Nature

Hans Jenny Experience how vibration and frequency provide the patterns that direct and give form to everything from mountains and valleys, to plants, water, and the human body. When there is disturbance in the vibrational field all form becomes mutated producing dysfunction in earth’s ecosystems, climate and temperature extremes, and the human organs resulting in dis-ease.

Sound Healing

Natalie Kalustian Energy worker and sound healer uses hand movement, intuitive flows, and sounds that come through her body and sing from her throat to rebalance and harmonize the disturbances in vibrational patterns of organs and in nerve meridians that produce pain, inflammation, and dis-ease that are resolved with her soothing and gentle approach to healing.

Soul Sounding

David Kennet Ceremonial voice vibrations and sound meditation in shamanic healing, non-ordinary states and trances bring prophecies and visions for past life trauma as root causes of present disease, emotional blockages to healing, and ways to release disturbances through diet, herbs, and actions.

A Medical Doctor Discovers the Undying Soul

Stephen J, Iacoboni, MD Realizing that medical science has no cure for cancer, oncologist searches deeper for ways to help patients deal with death and dying after meeting a patient that had no fear of death, and chose to die in the presence of this doctor as a gift to teach him about the undying soul.

Effects of Pharmaceuticals and Anesthesia

Paramjit Bhalla, MD Knowing that dis-ease is a silent protest of the body, pleading for your attention, Dr Bhalla explores the effects of pharmaceuticals and anesthesia. The use of modern drugs to mitigate symptoms and anesthesia that displaces the soul from the body, so there is no protest of the living cells that can be heard. Indian practitioners were taught to call the patient back to the body when surgery is completed.

Red Worm Farms and Castings

Red worms have bile salts that turn any form of waste matter – even toxic and nuclear -into pure soil nutrients that bring missing minerals back to the soil. Of the three platinates in the human brain; Rhodium, Iridium, and Yttrium, yttrium is currently the most missing from human physiology, and make up more than 5% of the brain’s tissue. Platinate crystalline structure gives the properties of these minerals produced by red worms a superconductive capability making the “super-mind” a multi-dimensional aspect of the brain/mind thought complex.

Honeys’ Healing Touch

A nectar for wounds that refuse to heal, Honey repairs all wounds and heals all burns without scarring or trauma, and eliminates bacteria that would otherwise grow in dead cell die-off. The living factors in honey are an exact replica of human tissues and regenerate cellular healing exponentially.

The Miracles of Bee Pollen

Early Egyptian and Chinese civilizations knew the value of Bee Pollen as the most powerful rejuvenator in nature’s medicine bag. Just a little bit per day gives natural immunity to almost any kind of allergy: seasonal, animal, dust, grass, insects, poison ivy, and so much more. And like honey, bee pollen is a natural anti-bacterial agent.


When you can tell your girlfriend that her right kidney is failing while gazing into her eyes over a goat milk banana split sundae, you will know that you have mastered reading the eyes. Iridology is a comprehensive science that entails reading regions of the iris as they relate to the workings of organs, functions, and systems inside the human body. Therapeutic eye analysis is a delicate study that reveals some of the greatest mysteries of the spirit and is as close as you can come to recognizing the essence of the soul.

Living Waters

Water is the matrix of all living things. Your body contains roughly 4 ½ – 4 ¾ gallons of water, which needs to be replaced every nine days or illness sets in. Micro-clustering, a relatively new science in water with powerful, tiny, mineral clusters dramatically reduce the particle size of nutrients and substantially enhance their efficiency. They are small enough to penetrate any cell membrane, carrying oxygen or nutrients to every cell. As we age the DNA helix coils tighter and tighter, loosing flexibility. By loosening the DNA helix and activating the DNA hydrogen bonds it increases our ability for cell regeneration.

Indian Herb – Black Salve

Indian Herbs is a thick tar-like substance, also known as Black Salve, made from wild plants, naturally concentrated into a strong zinc acid base that dissolves most internal viral abnormal tissue growth (does not work well with hormone dependent cancers [breast, uterus, prostate, ovarian, etc]). It will also dissolve most topical abnormal skin growths (melanoma, moles, skin tags), and relieves many kinds of chronic fatigue illnesses.

Innate Ability or Technology

To many of us technology is the fun and convenience oriented gadgets that save us time and work, thinking mainly of it in terms of “can I afford it, or not?” But let us consider technology as the outward manifestation of an inner, unknown power that we invent to find a way to make our inner power comprehensible to ourselves. It is literally the process of reverse engineering our innate abilities that lead us to advanced technological inventions.

— Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.